Great stuff for summer.

America's Best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans and Families
By Allen W. Nyhuis and Jon Wassner
There's a reason America's zoos attract more visitors annually than all major professional sports combined. Zoos are educational, entertaining, reasonably priced and great fun for the whole family. This book has zoo touring tips, a guide to unusual animals, a glossary of animal and habitat terminology, and an index that pinpoints where your favorite animals live. Available at for $15.95. Enter to win.

Blast off!
Turbo Fill Blasters are one-stop, fast-fill water stations for kids that are easy, fast and fun. The product's unique feature is the water filling base onto which kids can plug the blaster. The easy-fill base fills in 15 seconds or less and the water blaster is ready to squirt with no pumping required, making it easy for preschoolers to fill up and go. $34.99. Age 2 and up. Enter to win.

Makin' Waves
By Leonardo
This CD is perfect for car travel and features such songs as Swimmin', Beach Day, Makin' Waves, Surfin' on My Guitar and many more. Available on where you also can hear song snippets. Enter to win.

By Silver Dolphin Books
The beauty of the ocean world is brought to vivid, vibrant life with colorful pop-ups that offer a unique look at dozens of fascinating sea creatures. Available at for $15.95. Age 5 and up. Enter to win.

For Father's Day

Dance Me, Daddy
By Cindy Morgan
When a little girl dances with her daddy, it seems these sweet moments will last forever - until that little girl grows into a young woman. But she will forever remain her daddy's princess and through the years, there will always be a special dance only a father and daughter care share. Comes with a bonus CD with the song "King of the World" performed by Point of Grace. Available at for $16.99. Ages 4-7. Enter to win.

Teaching tolerance

People Are So Different
By Ann Clarke
This story illustrates the importance of treating others as we want to be treated. Beautifully illustrated to be read and enjoyed time and again, this wonderful example of the Golden Rule is bound to be a favorite for any child. Available at for $16.95. Ages 2-6. Enter to win a signed copy! Enter to win.

Standing on My Own Two Feet: A Child's Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce
By Tamara Schmitz
Addison is a regular kid whose parents are going through a divorce, but he knows that no matter what happens, his parents will always love him. The text in this beautifully illustrated picture book is inspiring for both kids and parents, and assures children that they will always have two parents to lean on, just as they have two strong feet on which to stand. Available at for $9.99. Ages 3-5. Enter to win.

By Christina Maria Ciani
13,000,000 households in America are run by single women and over 9,600,000 of these households have little angels under the age of 18. Around the world, millions of children will grow up under the wings of a single mother. IamthatIam awakens the spirit and renews hope with the message to never give up because in the end, God is always faithful to you. IamthatIam Publishing, Columbus, Ohio, (614) 352-8391. $22. Enter to win.

Smart Parenting During and After Divorce
By Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.
No matter how much you and your ex love your children, they will still find themselves between two warring factions fighting over custody, visitation and money. Author Favaro has seen literally thousands of such cases and he knows how to transform an ugly, high-conflict divorce into a smarter, more civilized process for the sake of your children. Visit smartparentingfordivorced to learn more. $16.95. Enter to win.