Perfume too powerful? Try this.

I love all things make-up. I love mixing and matching color palates, I love buying new colors for the season, and I especially love a good splurge at Sephora. Unfortunately, what I don't love is perfume. Which is a shame because they usually have such cute bottles in pretty colors. Perfumes agitate my sinuses, make me sneeze, and cause my nose to run. I am sure I'm not alone in this unfortunate circumstance. Wouldn't it be nice if there were sweet smelling scents that you could wear without all the sneezing and wheezing? Well girl, have I got a fragrance line for you. The Philosophy line of beauty products has six fragrances that are gentle, smell lovely, and are not at all harsh. I can wear these products all day and not have one sneezing fit. These fragrances have the best names too: Amazing Grace Pure Grace Inner Grace Baby Grace Falling in Love Unconditional Love My favorite is Falling in Love. It's a light scent that has a subtle hint of cotton candy mixed with roses. You would think those two scents combined would be overpowering, but Philosophy made these fragrances so all the highlights come out with none of the fake overly sweet smells. Try one for yourself. You too might find a new perfume that you can finally wear!