Now hear this!

Youngsters love dancing around to their music, but parents may not always share the same musical tastes. iFrogz ( now has a solution with the Toxix headphones - affordable, sturdy and small enough for pint-sized ears.

I was recently sent a pair to review, which I did while mowing the grass a week or two ago. As I was motoring along, I saw my neighbor Dave out of the corner of my eye. I look over and there's Dave, shaking his head, laughing at me. I shut off the mower.

"Yo, neighbor. What's up?"

"Are you aware that you're singing Pretty Young Thing at the top of your lungs? Even the mower isn't enough to drown you out."

Ouch, Dave! That's harsh. But these headphones are so rockin'! They made it easy to hear the Best of Michael Jackson even with the mower running. Plus, the kids even said they were cool. I had to do a little arm wrestling to keep them to myself.

Now available with new color options including teal with white, blue and red, the Toxix headphones provide clear, quality sound with a cushioned ear cup for comfort. Small enough for the kids, but adjustable for the parents as well!

The Toxix retail for $19.99 and you can see more details here on the product page: