The Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy (OHDELA) encourages students and parents to explore academic resources available on the web to alleviate a lot of schoolwork frustration and confusion.

As school begins again for families throughout the state, grumbles and complaints can be heard among parents and students alike. All seem to dread the constant homework questions. Kids become frustrated and parents are sometimes unable to help, which then causes them to be frustrated too.

The Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy (OHDELA) encourages students and parents to explore additional academic resources available to them on the web to alleviate a lot of this frustration and confusion.

"There are several fantastic websites designed to fight the frustration both parents and kids have when tackling new material in the classroom," said Dr. Schneider, vice president of DELA. "We encourage all of our parents to play an active role in their child's education, and this is a great way to start."

Some sites OHDELA recommends include: This site offers advice to parents about educating their child as well as free math lessons and advice for children. This site provides links to multiple sites for parents that are all safe for children and adults. Each site provides the parent with unique and fun educational ideas for children. Useful for finding information about local education, this site provides info on family-fun ideas, holidays, health and safety. Full of homework tips and fun, interactive learning games, this site is primarily used by students, teachers and parents alike. All find the site both entertaining and resourceful. This site offers worksheets, flashcards and games to help children learn and retain specific math principles.
All students and parents can find these sites helpful as they make the transition into the new school year.

"At OHDELA, we do our best to provide our parents and students with every possible tool and opportunity to succeed. These websites are just one of the many examples," said Schneider.

The Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy (OHDELA) is for students in kindergarten through 12th grade that are looking to achieve academic success in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This tuition-free program helped nearly 5,000 students throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado become well-educated citizens last school year. OHDELA provides a computer with Internet access in the student's home, a K-12 customized curriculum, and educational assistance from highly qualified teachers and online tutors. For more information about OHDELA, visit