Education allies, how-to helpers, ways to be thankful.

Education allies

Great Teacher Projects K-8
In this colorfully illustrated book, Laura Mayne has collected more than 75 teacher-tested activities encompassing a broad range of subjects, all guaranteed to build fun classroom experiences. While designed for teachers, this book also is valuable to parents, youth leaders and caregivers who want to positively affect a child's development. $24.95 on Enter to win.

Smart by Nature: Schooling for Sustainability
Author Michael K. Stone offers firsthand accounts and strategies for greening campuses, rethinking school food and transforming schools into model sustainable communities. The book includes profiles of schools and districts from every region, paying particular attention to strategies for creating change within schools and incorporating sustainability into curriculum. Every chapter features Lessons Learned and What You Can Do suggestions. $16.47 on Enter to win.

I'm Going to Read!
Developed to grow with the new reader, I'm Going to Read! offers entertaining stories and artwork, plus an innovative method for reinforcing vocabulary, and an easy-to-use word bank that highlights new words as they're introduced. Each book in the series is divided into four levels, building on each other to help your little one read. Available at various outlets for $3.95 each. Enter to win.

A Light in the Attic Special Edition
What could make this classic by Shel Silverstein even better? Twelve new poems, YouTube animations and more online content! The re-release of this reader favorite also includes 10 new line drawings. The YouTube channel has animated videos of some of Silverstein's most treasured poems from the popular books The Giving Tree, Falling Up, Runny Babbit and Where the Sidewalk Ends. In the works is a Shel Silverstein app for the iPhone and iTouch. Book is $12.91 on Enter to win.

How-to helpers

Helping Baby Sleep: The Science and Practice of Gentle Bedtime Parenting
Child development specialists (and moms) Anni Gethin, Ph.D. and Beth Macgregor challenge the wisdom of the popular "cry it out" philosophy of getting baby to sleep. Instead, they advocate a responsive parenting approach during the day and night. Mining the latest scientific research, the authors show parents how to practice gentle bedtime techniques that respect a baby's neurological and emotional development. Helping Baby Sleep gives conscientious moms and dads the insight and practical tools to help their babies thrive. Available on for $12.47. Enter to win.

Easy Food for Kids
Have a kid who loves to cook? This book is packed with more than 120 delicious, easy recipes to satisfy children ages 3 to 10 - from quick snacks and evening meals, to nutritious lunches, yummy desserts and tasty drinks. Get your kids to make everything from soup and snacks to teatime treats, perfect bites for starting the day or just-home-from-school snacks. $19.95 on Enter to win.

Ways to be thankful

Kids' book instills benevolent values
Generous Kids, Inc., a new children's property launching just in time for the holidays with a book/song CD and plush characters, tries to make the world a more loving place. Genna and Russ, The Generous Kids (they really are kids, two young goats in fact) illustrate for kids the concepts and rewards of being generous.

Written by award-winning children's author Sarah Wilson and illustrated by Terry Taylor, Meet Genna and Russ, The Generous Kids with accompanying CD, retails for $14.99. Genna and Russ plush figures are $19.99 (figures are sold together, one is nothing without the other). Pro-ducts are available at A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every product that carries the Generous Kids logo will go to fund a children's charity. Enter to win.

Roots of Empathy: Changing the World Child by Child
Mary Gordon, an educator who has worked for more than two decades with children from all walks of life, has discovered that the solution to the escalating violence, antisocial behavior, bullying and aggression among young children lies within each child's innate sense of caring and compassion. This program is aimed at children in kindergarten through eighth grade and is being administered at schools in the U.S., Canada and Japan with consistently positive results. Available on for $10.95. Enter to win.

Care Bears: Bear Buddies
Journey into Care-a-lot where the Care Bears are the best of friends. From creating a rockin' band to trying to cheer up a sad friend, new and old friendships come together in eight charming tales full of love, laughter and family fun. Along the way, the Care Bears discover what makes good friendship into true bear buddies - being true to themselves and each other, a little understanding and a lot of forgiveness. $14.98 on Enter to win.