The guide to being good.

It's so hard to find the information you need to be healthy and environmental. So many websites have incomplete information or just don't seem trustworthy; and other sites are complicated and hard to follow. is not one of those sites.

This site is a comprehensive guide to all things environmental and food. Buying a new power bar and your not sure if it's as healthy as it claims to be? Look it up on the Good Guide. Want to pick healthy lunch snakes for your kids? They have a whole list.

One of the best parts of the site is that it names names. So many sites use vague references to products that are bad or good. The Good Guide not only names which products are good and bad, but tells you why. If the product has a harmful dye in it, there will be a link to a reference article as to why the dye is bad. If the product it certified by an environmental agency, there is a link explaining what it did to get that certification. The Good Guide is a simple, factual website that can be your family's compass to navigating the grocery store.