The Invention Convention and Just Think Inc. have been making a positive impact in children's lives and in the community for 17 years. The program focuses on students inventing original solutions to everyday problems.

Got solutions?

We are living in a world seeking solutions to some very serious problems. Just turn on the TV or radio, or pick up a paper to be reminded about the problems that this generation must face. Problems like the bad economy, global warning, the H1N1 virus, childhood obesity and cancer.

Who has the solutions? The answer may not come from a world-renowned research laboratory, but a third grader or a middle school student living next door.

For 17 years, The Invention Convention has focused on teaching problem solving skills in grades K through 8.

Over one-million Ohio students have participated in this free program offered in 17 Ohio counties. The general public and business community can sponsor a student inventor, school or school district to help the program to remain free.

An online donation form is available by logging on to:, or send contributions to: Just Think Inc., 7801 N. Central Drive, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035-0699.