Great reads from the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Baby Faces Peekaboo!
By Dawn Sirett
This large board book features easily manipulated flaps and a last page with a mirror so that babies can see their favorite face of all. Names for feelings are also incorporated, with each peek showing a different facial expression. Ages birth-1.

Crocodiles are the Best Animals of All!
By Sean Taylor
After Donkey boasts of his superiority, Crocodile is determined to demonstrate his ability to do everything other animals can do - only better. Crocodile succeeds until at last Donkey gives him an impossible task. Ages 4-8.

Kid Made Modern: 52 Kid-Friendly Projects Inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design
By Todd Oldham
Kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy discovering ways to make fun stuff based on work by some of the most interesting artists who ever lived. Everyday materials (cardboard to construct a castle-like "casa," bubble-wrap printmaking, Kool-Aid, foil, and duct tape) are used in these thoughtful projects, and a range of disciplines - architecture, graphic design, typography, sculpture and textile design - are represented. Parents will appreciate the "all about cleanup" spread in the book's last pages. Ages 8 and up.

The Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties
By Toon Tellegen
This whimsically illustrated chapter book is composed of nine tales that are perfect to read at bedtime. This book invites readers into a world populated entirely by animals with lives as rich and full of feeling as any human's might be. Ages 7 and up.

Creature ABC
By Andrew Zuckerman
From expert wildlife photographer Andrew Zuckerman comes this absolutely gorgeous stunner of an ABC book. This book - unlike most alphabet books - provides readers with both upper- and lowercase letters to reference, and is beautifully straight forward and uncluttered. Each letter is paired with one of the photographer's exceptional images: A gets an Alligator, H gets a Hippopotamus, I gets a variety of Insects. In the hands of this accomplished artist, the alphabet opens the door to conversations and opportunities for further learning. Ages 3-9.

Coffeehouse Angel
By Suzanne Selfors
Katrina's selfless act of kindness toward a homeless man causes a chain reaction she hadn't intended when he informs her of his true identity: he is an angel, and he is determined to reward her good deed. Unfortunately for Katrina, this means he shows up at her high school to embarrass her and becomes a general nuisance in her life through his unceasing effort to bring her heart's greatest desire to fruition. Teen.

Click on a map of the U.S. to discover national forests and match symbols from the legend to find locations with hiking, camping, biking and other activities. The "What to Do" link gives instructions on learning to use a compass, identify animal tracks and create leaf rubbings. Clicking on "Why" takes the user to a section about how humans impact the environment. This is a public service website from the National Forest Service and is aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds.

By Melissa Fischer, librarian, Center for Discovery, Columbus Metropolitan Library.