Spruce up the classic pillowcase sack to create a ghostly Halloween companion.


Design a ghost face using multiple sheets of paper (one for eyes, one for the mouth). Making the eyes and mouth with squiggly-line edged oval shapes creates the classic ghost face, but let your child's imagination run free! Cut out the facial features from the paper. Use this as a template for cutting the face out of the black fabric (a black T-shirt or piece of felt). You can trace the face onto the fabric with a silver-colored permanent marker or use a straight pin to attach the paper template to the fabric and cut around. Adults: While the children make the ghost face, draw letters on paper to spell out BOO. Use the instructions above to cut letters out of fabric or felt. Or, if you prefer, print out letters using your favorite font in at least 60-point type and cut out to form the template. Lay your pillowcase flat with the opening on top. If your pillowcase is too large for the size of your child, feel free to cut off one-third or one-half of the case - you can create a drawstring either way. Adults: Use a hole punch to punch through the fabric at the top of the bag approximately every four inches. If you have trouble using the hole punch on the fabric, you can use scissors to create a small hole slightly larger than the circumference of the rope/trim. Starting from the inside of the pillowcase, feed the rope/trim through a hole. Leave at least 8 inches of the rope/trim unfed through the hole. Weave the rope/trim in and out of the holes until it comes out of the hole next to the first, leaving another 8 inches on that end. Tie a knot between the ends of the rope trim, but let the pillowcase remain flat. This will serve as a drawstring. Slide the piece of cardboard inside your pillowcase. This will prevent glue from seeping into the pillowcase and gluing your bag shut. Use hot glue (adults only!) or fabric glue to attach the ghostly face to the pillowcase. Be sure the attachment is sturdy - hopefully this bag will be filled with candy on Halloween night! Let the glue dry according to the directions on the package. Then flip the pillowcase over and attach the letters on the opposite side to spell out BOO!