Warm up your winter season with an adorable cold-weather creature, the penguin!

Warm up your winter season with an adorable cold-weather creature, the penguin! Plush making is a fun activity for kids of any age and this project gives purpose to those lone socks who have lost their match. Save those single socks for a snowy afternoon of family craft time!
WHAT YOU NEED *black sock
*white, orange and black felt scraps
*tacky glue or fabric glue
*needle and thread
*plastic wrap or small re-sealable bag (3-inch-by-2-inch or smaller)
*small handful of dried rice
*pillow stuffing (like "Poly-fil" or the stuffing from old pillows)
HOW YOU DO IT 1. Cut your sock at the turn of the heel. You'll be working with the part of the sock that is the toe to the heel, which looks like an oval-shaped pouch.
2. Stuff this pouch with pillow stuffing, like Poly-fil. (Tip: Plush projects are a great way to recycle the stuffing from old pillows!) Pillow stuffing will allow you to shape your penguin, but if you don't have any, fabric/felt scraps will also work in a pinch.
3. Fill the small re-sealable bag with dried rice or wrap the rice in plastic wrap. Place this just inside your sock pouch.
4. Use the needle and thread to stitch the pouch closed. This will not be visible on your final project, so the stitching can be messy! When finished, flip over your project so that the rice is at the bottom, weighing down your object.
5. Cut out the following shapes from the felt scraps: 2 large black ovals (wings), 1 large white oval (belly), 2 small white circles, 2 even smaller black circles, 1 small orange diamond, 2 orange webbed feet.
6. Trim one side of your large black ovals into a point. These will be your wings! Glue one to each side of the penguin. Glue the other black and white shapes into place.
7. Fold the orange triangle in half to make a triangle. Put a small stitch or drop of glue on the inside of each end of the fold. Glue the beak onto the face.
8. Glue your feet to the bottom. The rice helps weigh down your penguin and keep it standing upright.
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