The museum opened in 2008. How did the museum come to be?
A group of six founders who had visited children's museums in other parts of country said, "Why can't we have this here in Lancaster?" Within a year and a half, they had raised several thousands of dollars, secured nonprofit status, begun the process of determining exhibits and found a location.

Why do you think the community was so responsive to their idea?
There wasn't very much for young children to do in Lancaster. People were excited about the idea. They felt like it sounded like a great idea. It would be educational. It would be fun. It would be hands-on.

What age range is the museum geared to?
Our primary is 0 to 7. However, we never say no to older children. The founders were trying to complement COSI, which serves an older audience.

Is this a place for parents to play with their kids or somewhere for little ones to explore on their own?
It's definitely a museum where parents are expected to be involved. It is a hands-on experience that parents and children can enjoy together. The parents can enrich the child's experience by talking to them about what they are doing, encouraging them to try new things and being a captive audience for them.

Can you share some of your future plans?
We are looking to expand. We are out of space. We are hoping to find a property or building that would work for our expansion. We know what we need. We know we need 10,000 square feet, green space and adequate parking.