For years, Cindy Beil and Denene Keifer dreamed of owning their own business. They considered a variety of possibilities but kept coming back to Keifer's skills as a cake decorator. Three years ago, they opened The Ribbon Box bakery, which specializes in decorated cakes, in downtown Marysville. Over the years, the women have learned a lot about people, faith and frosting.

What story does the play "Tecumseh" tell? The show tells the story of the Shawnee leader Tecumseh. How he tried to unite the various Indian tribes together in an effort to drive the whites from encroaching on their land in this area during the late 1700s and the early 1800s. How does being outside impact the performance? The way our stage is set and the way the amphitheater is set up, we have acting stages in front of you and around the sides. It almost feels like you're right there in the moment. It almost feels like your part of it. The design really engages you in the story. How old should children be to see the show? We do not recommend a child age 6 or younger see the show. The reason is the loud battle sequences and there is some violence in the show. We feel that a child at 7 has a pretty good grasp that the fight scenes and blood effects aren't real. The show incorporates live animals. How does that impact the production? We own a herd of 10 horses. It enhances the overall activity that's going on. The horses go through the same rehearsal process as the actors. We slowly incorporate them in. They pick up just as quickly as the actors do. Does the show change year to year? The script always remains the same. However, things in the show change from year to year. Different actors bring different characteristics. The make-up changes from year to year. The dancing sequences change. The costumes change. I kind of compare it to watching a movie a second or third time. You always catch something you didn't notice the first time you saw it. I see the show almost every night, and I still get something different out of it.

Photos by Alysia Burton