From Capital Style Editor Kristy Eckert talks about the latest Prom trends and the inaugural issue of Capital Style Prom.

I spent something like three hours curling my hair for prom. It was not a small or easy task. (This was, after all, the '90s. And I know that several of you mommas reading this were right there with me!) But my mane of curls and I had a ball. Last year, as I watched my darling neighbor girl prepare to leave for her prom (yes, we had a driveway photo session), I got giddy. The dress! The hair! The golden spray tan that didn't turn orange or streak! What's not to love? Three years into Capital Style, having found success with Capital Style Bride, we decided to take things to another level. We started planning our inaugural issue of Capital Style Prom. Here's what I learned over the past several months: *Today's youth are amazing. We asked principals, teachers, counselors and other folks from all over Central Ohio to nominate their high-achieving girls so we could choose a handful to recognize and feature as our models. They blew me away. Our cover girl, for example, is president of her class at Worthington Kilbourne, captain of her varsity soccer team, has a 3.89 GPA and is hoping to head to either the U.S. Naval or Air Force Academy. *It's all about the asking. Our Capital Style Prom Team (about 25 girls from a dozen different high schools) told endless stories about prom proposals. Some involved spelling things on yards with votive candles. Others involved scavenger hunts. Still more included school administrators being in on the fun - calling girls to the office for a "talk," only to open their doors to a suitor waiting to ask the girl to prom. (These girls are going to have high expectations when the real question is some day popped. Let's hope for their sakes the boys don't peak on romance at 17.) *Dresses are not cheap. And by not cheap, I mean, $200 is at the lower end of the spectrum. I would say $400 was about average price at the several stores we scoured. We definitely found several in the $600 to $700 range. And a couple topped $1,000. Mind-boggling. But wow - are some of these gowns fabulous. Maybe not as fabulous as my 1990s mane. But pretty darn great, at least. --Kristy Eckert is editor of Capital Style.

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