Our mom-and-son team checks out the Harvest Moon Café

THE MOM SAYS I'm a compulsive menu analyzer before I go to any restaurant (God bless the Internet) and I have to admit my expectations were high before we got to Harvest Moon Café, an eatery located in the heart of historic Canal Winchester. It emphasizes organic, locally sourced fare and I was not disappointed. Even better, I found a new dish for my Lifetime Favorites List: their Heavenly Hotcakes. Not many places make their pancakes crepe-style, which is how I make them at home, but Harvest Moon does. And, holy cow, is their version ($6.50) better even than anything I make at home. They have this subtle but zingy lemon flavor to them, and are served with a lavender-infused maple syrup (the lavender softens the acidic edge on the real maple syrup). The side of turkey bacon is extremely lean and therefore crunchy. Not my favorite type of bacon, but dipped in the syrup, just fine. I also tried the "Roots and Fruits" fresh-made juice ($4), which was a blend of apple, ginger, celery and beets: It's an acquired taste but I certainly felt virtuous for having it. The vibe in the place is very friendly and low-key, sharing its space with an herb and natural products shop (wine is also sold there). There are no signs directing you on the logistics, but it wasn't hard to figure out that you place your order at the counter and they call you back when your food or drinks are ready. You also bus your own table. And I have to give serious props to the care that's been put into making the bathroom something more than standard. Though there wasn't a diaper-changing station in there, the wall art, magazines and free hygiene products were a very thoughtful touch. There were high chairs available, and plenty of families enjoying a Saturday breakfast or lunch when we visited. The evening hours menu is basically the same as the lunch menu with mostly sandwiches, wraps and salads, but they seem to be doing a healthy business (no pun intended) with a seriously inventive cocktail menu. -Jane Hawes THE KID SAYS I was expecting it to be a little different, probably because of the name. I was expecting there to be some kind of weird dishes.It was actually quite normal but really good, especially the smoothies. That town was really quaint, too. It was different because you went up to the counter and ordered, and paid first. Then you got your meal. I ordered The Real Man's Breakfast ($6) that had potatoes, turkey bacon, eggs and toast. I had my eggs scrambled. It was really good except the eggs were a little iffy. There was something on them, like a flavor that tasted a little like soy sauce. That's the closest I can think of to the taste. But the potatoes were really good: I think they were roasted with a little bit of salt.The turkey bacon tasted like regular delicious bacon. I tried some of my mother's pancakes and they were good because they weren't big and poofy. They were thin and that's the way I like pancakes, but I didn't really like the lemon flavor. But my mother liked it. And I got a strawberry smoothie - actually I got two again ($4). It had strawberries and pineapple juice in it, and it was really good, except for the second one, which lacked in consistency. It had too much pineapple juice. The bathroom was fine and clean. They had some really funny posters on the wall. The service was nice. We didn't have a waiter but from the brief talking with them, they were nice. I wish we had a place like Harvest Moon Café in our neighborhood. -Colin Hawes Photos by Alysia Burton