Our mom-and-son team checks out Flip Side Burger

THE MOM SAYS Flip Side was a bit of a review risk for two reasons:One, I knew this new Easton restaurant is considered more of an adult destination, but friends with small children had gone and reported back with happy reviews. Secondly, my son (and fellow critic) had given up red meat for Lent, which meant we all gave up red meat for Lent, so I wasn't sure how primed our tastebuds would be for a return to beef. The results? Well, on the family suitability, no worries. There is a "family" restroom in addition to the woman- and man-only restrooms (though curiously only one toilet in each, which I'd have to imagine could be problematic on a busy evening). As for the food, it was excellent. I'm usually not one for adventurous toppings on burgers, but I decided to go for the "Forester Burger" ($9), which comes loaded with sautéed cremini mushrooms and a few tempura-battered shitake mushrooms on a brioche bun with a truffle aioli on the side, and it was fantastic. The triple-cooked fries with wild mushroom gravy ($6), though, were the table's favorite: slim, crispy little fries, dusted with dried herbs and not much salt. That was actually one of the things I noticed and appreciated most about the food there: how relatively little salt they use. Heavy salting is actually one of the reasons I don't eat out that much, but here they really go easy on the salt. Consequently the quality ingredients shine through. Big kudos there. Service was very pleasant and I appreciate that they didn't charge us for a mix-up on my son's ginger-ale order. That was thoughtful. (They also gave him four mini-corn dogs instead of the three advertised on the menu - again, very thoughtful.) We went for lunch and I could really see this being a great family meal in the middle of a day of shopping or before a matinee movie. -Jane Hawes THE KID SAYS I thought Flip Side would be something like all burgers with not much else on the menu. I thought it wouldn't be as fancy. It wasn't completely fancy, but it was kind of in the middle. When we got in there, there was a strong smell, which we later found out was from the vinegar they keep in a bottle on each of the tables. I really disliked that smell. The only other thing I disliked than that smell, which seemed to go away over time, was they accidentally gave me the wrong drink when I ordered ginger ale. They gave me seltzer water, but the waiter handled it nicely and switched it back. After I finished my ginger ale, I ordered a root beer float ($6) and I finally had dessert first! They don't have a kids' menu, but the sides and snacks menu definitely do function like a kids' menu. For food, I ordered the mini Kobe beef corn dogs on a stick ($7) and the triple-fried French fries with mushroom gravy. The corn dogs were delicious. You could smell the smoked beef out of them. Definitely very, very good. They had herbs and salt on the French fries that made them taste really good, and they were really good dipped in the mushroom gravy. We ordered the gravy to come on the side, and I think it was much better on the side than if it had been on top. The bathrooms were good, clean, sanitary, but their only problem is they were very dim lit. There was not a lot of light in there. The service was really good. The man was very nice. I would go back for those delicious corn dogs. -Colin Hawes