Tracy Townsend is a news reporter and anchor with 10TV News HD.

Writing this column is a good outlet for me. Like you, I am a proud parent who always has a good story about something my son Ian did or said. My colleagues here at 10TV News have been so gracious and patient with me over the course of my nearly seven years here. They've listened, laughed and sometimes even advised on various "Ian issues" including homework, peer pressure and his fascination with video games. Many of you have even come up to and talked with me about the column and provided your input. Some of you have even asked me what Ian thinks of it. Uhm… he doesn't really read it but does have some idea of how much of our - err, his - life I've shared. So far, it hasn't been a problem but now that he is "double-digit age" as he terms it, I am going to have to get his approval to share certain things. Fortunately for me this month's column is about Father's Day and a topic on which Ian and I can agree: His Dad (my husband, Murv) is pretty terrific. "Daddy is a great father because he always has time for me," Ian told me in our interview. "He's showing me how to be a good man." (Now that response warms my heart and also chills it:Be a man?My "baby" is still a baby! This double-digit business may require a therapy session on letting go - for me.) I absolutely love the bond between Murv and Ian. It is based on a strong foundation formed at birth and strengthened by the fact that when I returned to work after maternity leave 10 years ago, Murv assumed the role of caregiver. Yep, he was a "Stay at Home Dad" and loved it. He and Ian were even featured in a 2003 "People" magazine article on the subject. One of the great outcomes is that Ian isn't bogged down by many gender biases. He knows and looks to both of us for care, comfort and to cook something when he's hungry. Now, 10 years later, Ian looks to Dad for even more. During the fourth-grade school year, it was help with math. "I don't want to hurt your feelings, Mom, but Dad has a great math mind," Ian said. "You're good at stuff, but definitely not math." (No hurt feelings here. That is the truth.) It's not all business with the two of them. They both cherish "Dudes' Day," which is whenever I'm not at home for a while because it involves junk food, video games and long stretches of watching ESPN. There is also baseball this summer - Murv is coaching Ian's team. Ian concedes that in the end, it doesn't matter that I'm not so great at math. He told me, "You picked a good man to be my dad." Whew. I am glad I did something right and relish the fact that this month and every month, we have a great reason to celebrate Father's Day. -Tracy Townsend is a news reporter and anchor with 10TV News HD.