Our mom-and-son team checks out the Food Truck Food Court at Columbus Commons

THE MOM SAYS I've been plotting this one for a while. How better to feed a growing boy than to unleash him on food trucks all parked in one place? Throughout this summer and until Sept. 27, the Columbus Commons is hosting a "Food Truck Food Court" every Thursday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Though the lines of Downtown workers form quickly, we also saw plenty of other families there and, with all the activities available (carousel, play equipment, art supplies, reading room), you can easily make a day trip out of it. But show up by 11 a.m. if you want to avoid the long lines or food shortages. We had eight trucks to choose from and sampled from four. I've had Mikey's Late Night Slice pizza before and it is delicious. Very generous slices. My son devoured his slice before I even got back from Sophie's Gourmet Pierogi, where I had ordered "The Vintage" ($6) plate. It had three nicely crisped pierogi with carmelized onions, sour cream and a compound butter that added interesting sweetness. I also got their clearly homemade watermelon-lemon Italian ice ($2.50). For the price, I was disappointed by the small serving size, but then I ate the stuff and, holy cow, it's worth all 250 pennies. Colin moved on to The Cheesy Truck. I was pleasantly surprised by how ungreasy his grilled cheese sandwich was (it was also very tasty). I also tried the PerZoot truck (no lines and the food sounded lighter than what other trucks had). The PerZoot focaccia sandwich ($6.50) had prosciutto, mozzarella and argula. Very fresh and tasty. My only quibble would be the rind on the prosciutto (I kept removing it), but the side salad of greens, strawberries and parmesan chips lightly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette would have made an awesome meal on its own. Altogether, a great meal comprised of several meals. My only suggestion for improvement, especially during these hot-weather months, would be to offer more light and/or cool-temperature foods like that PerZoot sandwich/salad or Sophie's Italian ice. -Jane Hawes THE KID SAYS I thought the Columbus Commons looked fun: It was really big and open, and I really liked the life-sized chess set (I crushed my mother in a game after we ate from multiple food trucks). I think having a food truck is interestingly smart because it's mobile. It was hard to pick which food trucks to eat at.There were about eight of them.We ended up trying four altogether. The first food truck I tried was a pizza truck called Mikey's Late Night Slice. I got one slice of cheese pizza ($3) and a Dr. Pepper ($1). Their pizza slices were the size of two regular slices. It tasted really good. It was a little bit spicy, but I could eat it. I did not try any of their sauces because I don't like sauces on pizza. My mom's first truck was a pierogi truck and she let me try some. I really like pierogi and we have them about once a week. I thought this one tasted a little duller than the ones at home, but it was good. The potatoes and cheese were good. The Italian ice, despite them saying it was watermelon and lemon, tasted like kiwi to me. I didn't like it that much. My second truck that I went to was The Cheesy Truck. I got a grilled cheese sandwich called "The Boarding School" ($4). It was your choice of white or wheat bread (I got wheat) and it had cheddar and jack cheese on it. I also had bacon with mine ($1.50 extra) because there were four choices of extra things you could put on one (tomatoes, pickles and I forget the other one). It tasted really good. Bacon in a grilled cheese sandwich is a profound food discovery for me. After The Cheesy Truck, I was too full to eat anything else, but I am looking forward to going back next Thursday. -Colin Hawes