From Capital Style Editor Kristy Eckert

If you run, you know the sport can do awesome things to your feet. Because calluses are gorgeous and there are few things more stunning than a bloody, torn-off toenail, right? Nonetheless, it's the cheapest and most convenient workout option most Mommas have, so whether by choice or default, many of us pick it. (We may also like it because it gives us the same happy rush as when the house is spotless and the last load of laundry has been done.) With the money-saving part in mind, then - and as the fairy godmother sent to remind you there should be no guilt in occasionally splurging on you - I hereby give all Momma runners* permission to indulge in a pedi.** You are, after all, saving a few hundred dollars a year in gym fees***, so you've earned the right to spend a fraction of that on a pedi.**** For our July issue of Capital Style, we sent our team city-wide to find the best pedicures around (tough job, we know!). So I'm summarizing the highlights…plus sharing a deal that's almost too good to pass up. Stress-Fix Pedicure: Go organic with a foot soak in a copper tub, a body polish made from crushed walnuts and herbs, and occasional air spritzes of lavender and sage oils. It's $55 for 55 minutes at Nurtur the Salon ( Lemonade Pedicure: Get your lemon on with a lemon sugar scrub, lemon tonic masque, lemon lotion massage and glass of lemonade while you enjoy it all. It's $56 and up for 55 minutes at Charles Penzone Grand Salon, Polaris ( Organic Sugar Scrub Pedicure: Get the full-on spa experience - plush robe, sandals and wine or mimosa - while pampering your feet and lower legs with a sugar scrub, lotion and a warm volcanic stone massage. It's $60 for 50 minutes at The Woodhouse Day Spa ( The Retreat's Spa Pedicure: Enjoy water and a yogurt parfait (cool, right?!) while having your feet and lower legs soaked, exfoliated, massaged and wrapped a couple times in hot towels. It's $60 for 60 minutes at The Retreat Salon & Day Spa ( The Essential: A house-made scrub, seaweed masque and hydrating lotion help massage your feet and legs to happiness while you sit in a massage chair. It's $70 for 90 minutes at Mukha Custom Cosmetics ( The Steal: It may not be quite as posh as some spas, but the Aveda Institute Columbus does offer a heck of a deal: The school's pedicure is $25, plus you get to keep the bottle of OPI nail polish they use. They also run specials that most recently included a mani/pedi for $35 ( *Actually, all Mommas, period. **And a glass of wine while you're at it. ***And if you're not, you've probably clipped more than that in grocery coupons. Or at least resisted the urge to buy those shoes that cost five times a pedi. ****You've actually earned the right to spend a lot more than that. And if you need help justifying it, give me a buzz. It's one of my fortes. -Kristy Eckert is the editor of Capital Style.