Our mom-and-son team checks out the Village Crêpe

THE MOM SAYS When Julia Catalfino of Pickerington's Catalfino pizza fame told me I had to try Village Crêpe, a still relatively new breakfast/lunch and occasional dinner place in Olde Pickerington, I paid heed. Pizza people know food and, boy, was she right. I recruited a small herd of hungry kids to join me at this spacious, airy bistro for lunch one day, and we devoured an assortment of five different types of crêpes and two custom-built omelets. In my experience, whether making crêpes or eating crêpes made by others, so much can go wrong with what seems like such a simple dish: a batter of flour, eggs, milk, water, melted butter and salt cooked on a hot grill, then folded around either a sweet or savory (cheese, meat, veggies) filling. It takes balance of ingredients, batter thickness and grill heat. Plus it has to be served quickly while still hot. Village Crêpe succeeded on all counts. I expected to love the sweet crêpes we tried, which had fillings like peach preserves, bananas and hazelnut spread, and chocolate, whipped cream cheese and cherries in a port-wine sauce. I did. But the savory four-cheese crêpe was my favorite. It came filled with a mixture of ricotta, goat, Gruyere and Romano cheeses that was laced with tiny slices of sautéed garlic and onion. Even our most unadventurous eaters (who went for omelets as their main dish) tried a bite and liked it. The prices also struck me as being very reasonable for a family meal (the four of us got out of there for about $45), plus if you frame crêpes as skinny pancakes, most kids are going to at least give them a try. The service was exceptionally friendly, with the food arriving hot and straight from the grill even during a fairly busy lunch service. The women's bathroom was really nice, beautifully decorated with a waist-high dresser suitable for diaper changing. Julia was absolutely right: This place is a find. -Jane Hawes THE KID SAYS I had never eaten a crepe or omelet, so I thought I was definitely up for a new experience. It looked like a really nice café kind of a place. They were really nice there. Our waitress was very lively and she tried helping me figure out the meaning of the name "Quasimodo" (long story). She even asked the chef if he knew. I ordered a two-egg omelet and it had ham, Gruyere cheese and mushrooms. It was heavenly, although I might replace mushrooms for something else in the future. Maybe celery. It also came with toast and jam. Toast will be toast and jam will be jam, that's all I can say, but yes, it was good. My mother made me try a bunch of different kinds of crêpes, including some kind of chocolate crêpe, which I liked the most. I would agree with my mother's statement that crêpes are like skinny pancakes. The bathroom was really nice and sanitary, unlike some restaurant bathrooms. I would go back and I think I would just get the omelet again. -Colin Hawes