Parenting is packed with buzz words that come and go. Let's decipher some of them and figure out if they've got value for you!

BUZZ TERM: Infant Toilet Training

WHAT IT MEANS: Infant toilet training (or "natural infant hygiene") is a method of potty training that begins in early infancy. Parents pay close attention to their infant to detect behaviors that may signal elimination: crying or fussiness, a facial expression, a position, or even a certain time of day. These signs are referred to as "elimination communication." When one of these signals is detected, the parent holds the baby over the toilet or potty and waits while the infant goes. Benefits include little or no use of diapers, and decreased diaper rashes. This technique is especially appealing to practitioners of attachment parenting, whose closeness to baby helps in the detection of potty-predicting behaviors.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: While the practice is commonplace in some countries, it is relatively new in the United States. Laurie Boucke's Infant Potty Training and Christine Gross-Loh's The Diaper-Free Baby are reputable sources for more information.

-Melissa Boyd