A kid's gotta eat! Make some food for your 18" doll!

A kid's gotta eat! Make some food for your 18" doll! (Psst….American Girl dolls and Our Generation dolls are 18" dolls.)

Ellie loves to make accessories for her 18" doll and especially loves making food. These are her instructions to you on how to do it yourself at home! Once you get started, you'll start to see options for your own tiny accessories all over the place! She uses mostly craft foam and felt. These can take a long time to dry, so be patient.


*Craft foam
*Glue or glue stick


Ellie wanted me to be sure to let you know, "Food isn't going to be perfect. It isn't supposed to look perfect. If it doesn't look right the first time, it might the next time."


1. Cut a tiny circle out of black foam, a little less than 1/2 an inch, and put a little glue on it.
2. Cut a circle of white the same size and put it on the black one. Put a little glue on it.
3. Now the black again.
4. Make a bunch and set a book on top of them and leave them alone while they dry.
5. If it's too hard to cut a circle that tiny, make an ice cream sandwich instead!

Fried Egg

1. Cut out a piece of yellow the size you want your yolk to be. Mine is around 3/8". I don't measure mine when I'm making them, that's just how big they are.
2. Glue the yolk onto a piece of white. It's easier to make your white the right size if you make the yolk first.
3. Draw, with a light pencil, a wavy oval shape around your yolk and cut it out.
4. Glue it all together.
5. I don't draw it first, I just cut it out, but sometimes it doesn't work.


1. Cut out a circle of yellow foam. I like to use the measuring cap of the kids' Tylenol to trace because it's a good size.
2. Do the same thing with some brown felt to look like beans or hamburger
3. Cut a raggedy piece of green foam for lettuce and some tiny red piece for tomato if you want. Maybe some tiny yellow for cheese.
4. Glue the fillings together first and wrap the yellow around them and glue it all together.
5. Put a few under a book and leave them alone to dry.


1. Cut 2 white squares. Mine are around 1-1/2" but I just make them the size of my doll's hand.
2. Make the cut at the top to make them look more like bread.
3. Cut out shapes the color of what you like on your sandwich. This part is easy because they look more real if they are a little jagged.
4. Glue them all together and let dry.

Sushi - California Roll

1. Sushi is hard! It's hard to get the whole thing to stay together while it dries.
2. Cut a strip of green craft foam that is around 1/4" wide.
3. Cut a piece of green that is 1/4" wide.
4. Put some glue on one side of it. I use just a little bit.
5. Make it into a roll. Mine is just over 1/4" wide.
6. Put glue on one side of the green and wrap it around the white.
7. Tape it together while it's drying.
8. I either leave it like this or use markers to add things to the inside.

Amy Dalrymple Murphy (aka the world-famous Central Ohioan crafter known as AmyD), and her daughter Ellie Murphy, a student at Glen Oak Elementary School who enjoys playing softball when she isn't crafting, are helping out Wholly Craft's Olivera Bratich with the Hands On projects this summer. Find handmade goods from more than 100 crafters and artists at Wholly Craft (whollycraft.com), and see Amy's work at madebyamyd.com.