Items to make traveling a little easier for you and your child.

Have Bib, Will Travel

No one likes to create more garbage than necessary when traveling, but these disposable bibs (10 for $5.99) from Green Sprouts are made from plant-based, petroleum-free material, yet are waterproof, anti-bacterial and come in a resealable pack.

Available at Earth Fare, 1440 Gemini Place (Polaris), Columbus 43240, 614-781-7813,

Travel Trivia

When better to put your travel knowledge to the test than while you're on vacation yourself? Spinning Hat's Travel Trivia ($6.95) is the perfect game to pack - its compact size fits in a purse or a bag, and it contains 100 cards with worldly questions. Do you know what currency is used in Brazil? Guess you'll have to pick up the game to find out.

Available at Bink Davies, 668 N. High St. (Short North), Columbus 43215, 614-725-4588,

Wet Happened?!

No, literally, that's the brand name of this laundry bag. Leak-proof interior, cute cotton exterior, zippered closure: It's a much better-looking (and effective) repository for those damp bathing suits than ye olde plastic grocery bag. Best of all, it's on sale through June 23 for $12.99. After that, the price goes back up to $17.99.

Available online and at The Container Store, 4222 Easton Loop West, Columbus 43219, 614-337-7400,