Parenting is packed with buzz words that come and go.

Parenting is packed with buzz words that come and go. Let's decipher some of them and figure out if they've got value for you!

BUZZ TERM: Family Bed

WHAT IT MEANS: Family Bed (sleep-sharing, co-sleeping) describes the shared bed of a family that practices co-sleeping with a child. Parents may choose to share a bed with an infant so that nursing during the night is easier and more convenient. Often associated with attachment parenting's style of nurturing and closeness, family bed is a highly individual practice. Some parents may purchase a bedside co-sleeper or bassinet that fits next to the mattress, while others may bring the baby or child right into bed. Experts agree that wherever infants sleep, allowing the child to sleep on his or her back is still the best position. Benefits include convenience, comfort and closeness. Experts warn against co-sleeping when the parent is overly exhausted or has consumed alcohol, and some physicians warn against any co-sleeping with children.

WHERE IT COMES FROM: Sharing a family bed became more common (and therefore more controversial) with the rising popularity of attachment parenting. For more on co-sleeping from a supporter's side, read Mayim Bialik's Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way.

-Melissa Boyd