It's summertime and the livin' is easy…in between trips to the grocery store.

Dear Columbus Parents,

It's summertime and the livin' is easy…in between trips to the grocery store (appropriate for our "Food Matters" theme in this issue). With a teenage boy under the roof, we're going through at least a gallon of milk each day, not to mention all the Cheerios, bananas, apples, bread and various protein products he's shoveling down his gullet. Colin just rifled past me on the height scale and his father is soon to be demoted from his "tallest person in the family" status.

But I'm not complaining (really, I'm not). He doesn' eat much junk, other than the occasional Swiss Roll or bag of Twizzlers, so, for that, I'm grateful. Many of his good eating habits are due to our using more protein to help treat his ADHD, and Colin's at the point where he can feel the effect that good eating has on his brain.

I also have to give my not-so-little eating machine props for another food-related reason: Three years now into my time at Columbus Parent, he and I have been writing our "Eating Out with Kids" restaurant reviews together. I keep threatening to retire him, but I get so much positive feedback from readers about the reviews (and, let's face it, I know you're reading them for his thoughtsnot mine) so my boss keeps urging me to not fire ourselves just yet.

And then came the Press Club of Cleveland awards in early June. Another one of the changes we made with the magazine's relaunch three years ago was to switch from competing against only parenting magazines to competing against all magazines. We felt this was a better reflection of writing, photography, design and online work we were doing now. And, as you'll see from our self-congratulatory ad on page 29, I am very proud to say that our staff brought home nine award this year, including one for best magazine website…in the whole state! And Colin and I took third place in a category for our restaurant reviews.

That feat harkens what our beloved columnist Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld has to say on page 7 about asking kids to help us. Colin has grown so much in confidence and writing ability since I started asking for his help. But our relationship also has grown as we've found ways to share and communicate better. An award from our industry peers is wonderful validation, but the hugs that my towering teen still gives me are even better. So, Colin, thank you for ALL your help and for being the best son a mom could ever hope for!

Now, go give those eating machines of yours a hug, Columbus parents!