The owner of the Delaware ice cream stand discusses its history, regulars and his favorite treat.

George Warden looked at six different businesses in Delaware before deciding to buy Dairy Depot 15 years ago.

Warden, who as a teenager used to stop in for ice cream or milkshakes after swim team practice or football workouts, liked the family atmosphere of the business.

He also saw owning the ice cream stand as a way to make time for his family.

"I could schedule myself out if I needed to go to functions at school," he said.

Over the years his three children and their friends have worked at the business.

"I could teach my kids a work ethic and the business side of things," said Warden, who served cake to customers on July 16 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of owning Dairy Depot. "It's been enjoyable."

-Melissa Kossler Dutton

What's your specialty?

We make our own Coney sauce and shredded chicken. We also serve an orange-sherbet-and-vanilla twist cone. People come back for that.

Does Dairy Depot have a lot of history?

It's been here since 1953. Ozzie and Harriet [of the television show] stopped here when they were coming through town on a summer tour. They ate lunch here.

Do you get a lot of regulars?

Kids that used to come here when they were little are working for me now.

You offer free ice cream cones to participants in the annual walk to raise money to fight cystic fibrosis. How did that come about?

A mother in the neighborhood came to us and said her boy had cystic fibrosis. She wanted to know if we could do something to help. I get shirts for the people that work here. We give away 175 to 320 cones. It's turned out to be a pretty nice thing.

What's your favorite thing to make for yourself?

A flurry made with chocolate ice cream, pecans, caramel and coconut - like German chocolate cake. It's something I made for my wife. I haven't put it on the menu yet. That or the orange-vanilla cone.

Is it fun inventing new flurry combinations?

Yes. We will let customers do it too. If people want different flavors, we do it, too. We charge a little extra.