Treatment for motion sickness, word play and a little Graeter's to round things out this month.

Applying Pressure

Looking forward to family car trips this summer, but not to carsick kids in the backseat? Try Psi Bands (two for $14.99), an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for motion sickness. These colorful, waterproof bands harness acupressure to fight nausea (they also work on morning sickness and nausea caused by anesthesia and chemotherapy).

Available at Babies R Us, CVS or Meijer stores,

Dig In!

Proving you're never too old to change, 144-year-old Graeter's has rolled out two new product lines: Gelato and "A Little Less Indulgent," a reduced-sugar ice cream. The former is an Italian-style treat, while the latter reduces sugar by 50 percent and fat and calories by 25 percent. Both are made with Graeter's famous two-gallon-at-a-time, French-pot production process.

Available online, in Graeter's stores and in select grocery stores,

Word Play

Hoy's Toys is a Dublin-based purveyor of made-in-Ohio books, toys and learning games. We're loving this United We Stand Word Game ($10): It uses 52 cards to help kids (and crossword-loving grown-ups) learn their Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and more! Games can be played solitaire-style or as group competitions.

Available at Celebrate Local, 3952 Townsfair Way (Easton), Columbus 43219 or online at