I was excited to try Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro because it meant we got to eat pizza on a school night. Usually, Friday is pizza night at our house.


I was excited to try Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro because it meant we got to eat pizza on a school night. Usually, Friday is pizza night at our house.

I like cheese so the fried mozzarella sounded really good to me. Turns out, I was onto something. The appetizer came with this tomato sauce that made it taste like cheese on tomatoes. It was scrumptious.

I know most kids would think Brussel sprouts sound bad, but I usually like them. At Pies, I especially like them because they are fried and crunchy - just the way I like them. They were prepared with salt, oil and cheese, which I thought was a great combination.

I was really looking forward to tasting the Il Giardino Pizza because it comes with all the toppings I normally order. (We did have them add pepperoni.) Even though I have ordered pizza with these toppings on it at other places, this pizza was special. The crust was thicker than what you get at most Columbus pizza joints. Also, the toppings seemed fresh like when we put tomatoes from our garden on our homemade pizza.

Normally, I'm not a fan of cheese pizza because I really like the taste of pepperoni and it doesn't have any on it. However, the Quattro Formaggi Pizza was a different story. It tasted like multiple different cheeses - and I'm big on cheese.

I really liked the flavor of the sauce and cheese on the Meatball Pizza, but I wasn't crazy about the meatballs. I think they would be good with spaghetti but I didn't like them on pizza.

I really liked the bread pudding. I had never had that dessert before. I was expecting bread with pudding in it, which I thought sounded good. I was surprised that there was no actual pudding on it. Even though it wasn't what I thought it would be, it was delicious. The cake-like dessert was served warm and topped with chocolate chips, ice cream and butterscotch sauce. The way the ice cream melted into the bread was so good.

I enjoyed my meal and the setting. There weren't very many kids at the restaurant but our server was very nice. It was crowded when we visited but not too loud. We could talk to each other in our normal voices. The bathrooms weren't anything special. They were clean.

I think Pies is a good option when you want to go out for pizza rather than have it delivered to your house.

-Nick Dutton


I think our other son Alex summed up our visit to Pie's Gourmet Pizza Bistro the best. After stuffing himself with appetizers, pizza and dessert, he grabbed his stomach and declared, "I'm full but I want to eat more."

We started with fried mozzarella ($8). The cheese was lightly breaded and served with a tomato sauce so tasty that Nick poured it on his plate and lapped it up with a spoon.

We also shared one of the house specialties - crispy fried Brussel sprouts ($7). We'd been to Pie's once before and I credit this dish with making Brussel sprouts a staple in our home. The kids love the sprouts because they are not soft and mushy like the frozen ones you buy at the grocery.

Despite all that wonderful food, we were still eagerly awaiting our pizza. We had ordered the Meatball Pizza ($10), the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) Pizza ($10) and the Il Giardino Pizza ($11 for a mix of mozzarella and provolone cheeses, green and red peppers, red onion, tomato, black olives, fresh basil, a sprinkle of Asiago cheese and we replaced the green peppers with pepperoni). They were all delicious and the toppings were fresh and flavorful.

We all agreed we had just enough room to share one dessert and decided on the Maple Bourbon Bread Pudding ($9) with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream ($1). It was another mouthwatering choice.

There weren't many kids dining there the day we visited but everyone was friendly and welcoming to the boys. The roomy, one-person bathrooms did not have changing stations or suitable stand-ins.

The restaurant was a great pick for our family of fairly adventurous eaters but I can see even picky eaters enjoying the Quattro Formaggi while mom and dad sample some of the more sophisticated choices and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine.

-Melissa Kossler Dutton