As the weather cools, it's time to dig out the yarn for a season of knitting and crochet.

As the weather cools, it's time to dig out the yarn for a season of knitting and crochet.

This project gets the whole family playing with yarn and is a great way to use up extra yarn scraps from last season's projects.

It's a classic country craft made modern by the ready availability of fun and funky yarn selections. Think back to the days when kids made their own toys, choose your favorite colors and textures, and create a family of yarn dolls in no time!

WHAT YOU NEED Small ball of yarn Scissors One DVD case or a book of similar size Ribbon HOW YOU DO IT

1. Cut several 6-inch lengths of yarn from the ball. You will use these to tie off limbs throughout the project.

2. Loop yarn around your four fingers at least 20 times. These will eventually be your doll's arms. Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers. Use a length to make a tie about one inch from end of the loop. Repeat on the other side. Cut through the loop on each end to create hands. Set aside.

3. Loosely loop your yarn from top to bottom of a DVD case or similarly sized book. Continue to loop about 40-50 times. This will be your body.

4. Slide the yarn off the DVD case or book and carefully tie a neck. Tie another length of yarn through the loop to make the head a round shape.

5. Cut the loops on the other end of the body to form a dress or pants.

6. Part the yarn body to insert the arms across just underneath the head.

7. Use a small piece of ribbon to tie a waist below the arms.


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