The Bexley sandwich shop boasts novel combinations and attentive service.

Melissa Kossler Dutton and her sons, Nick, 14, and Alex, 12, checked out Newfangled Kitchen, a new restaurant known for its meatloaf sandwiches.

Mom Says…

When word got out that a new restaurant—one that didn’t focus on pizza or subs—was opening in Bexley, excitement was high. Many people were particularly pleased because a local couple, Laura and Eric Dennison, was behind the venture. Laura, a longtime secretary at Maryland Elementary School, and Eric, who worked at Katzinger’s Delicatessen and Lexi’s on Third, are well-known in the community as hardworking foodies.

Newfangled Kitchen is a small but mighty addition to Main Street. Its signature dish is the meatloaf sandwich, which is served five different ways. We ordered The Fang ($8) and the Southern Melt ($8). While The Fang sauce lent some yummy zip to that sandwich, I favored the Southern Melt featuring homemade pimento cheese. The sandwich’s marble rye was the perfect backdrop to the spicy, fluffy cheese.

I confess I am not a huge fan of meatloaf, but the Dennisons do it right. The slices have a great texture and are nicely flavored. My favorite sandwich was the Georgia Reuben ($8.50) featuring turkey, Swiss cheese and coleslaw. The tangy slaw mixed with the mayo-based, barbecue-flavored Fang sauce to create a unique take on the Reuben. The deli meats are sliced extremely thin and piled high.

I also really enjoyed the Dill Pickle Potato Salad ($2.75). It was creamy and tart in all the right ways.

Nick Says…

Of the sandwiches we shared, I liked the Southern Melt the best. The pimento cheese, which I don’t remember ever eating before, was delicious. It was creamy and flavorful and complemented the meatloaf perfectly. My next favorite was The Fang. Are you sensing a pattern here? It’s all about the meatloaf, which is amazing. The texture is soft and smooth, and it’s super tasty.

We also tried the soup of the day (price varies). The evening we visited, it was Cream of Carrot. Mrs. Dennison offered to bring me a sample and as soon as I tasted it, I said we had to order some. It had a great dill flavor and a smooth, even texture.

My parents let my brother and I each order a fancy soda ($2.50 to $3) and a bag of chips ($2.50). We are big fans of interesting chip flavors. I tried some that tasted like dill pickles. I think fun-flavored chips are a great side for Newfangled Kitchen’s fancy sandwiches. The experience was even better when I washed the meal down with a cold raspberry-lime-mint soda.

Since the restaurant had a connection to our old school, we decided to invite one of our favorite classroom aides, who we don’t get to see anymore, to join us. Our special guest loved trying all of the sandwiches. She particularly liked those with deli meat because it was so thinly cut and fresh. (I was happy about that because it meant I could eat more of the meatloaf options.)

 At my current school, they allow students to leave for lunch. This will be my top choice when I do that. It’s a great alternative to pizza and subs, and I’m glad it’s in my hometown.

Alex Says…

When my mom told me that the secretary from my elementary school had opened a restaurant, I was excited because she was always nice to us kids. At Newfangled Kitchen, I noticed that it was small but very inviting. I began to look around and saw two things: There were tons of brands and flavors of chips, and the same could be said for soda. Upon further investigation, I noticed they carried Boylan Soda, which has been a favorite of mine since we reviewed Sweet Carrot in Grandview Heights.

I inspected the menu for a long time before I decided what to order. There are a lot of options for such a small and new restaurant. I was excited to try many of the sandwiches, so we decided to order several and share them. When Mrs. Dennison heard we wanted to share the food, she offered to cut them up for us. She and the rest of the staff were really attentive, constantly checking to see if we needed anything.

I had never had meatloaf on a sandwich before. The meat was excellent. I liked that it was very patty-like—more like a hamburger than the usual consistency of the meatloaf my mom makes. It was ideal for a sandwich. Still, my favorite menu item was the High Five ($8.50), a more traditional deli sandwich that did not contain meatloaf.

The highlight of the High Five is the bacon, which was perfectly smoky and delicious. The next time we go here, I am ordering this sandwich, and I am not sharing it. The bacon really shined through in a savory way as opposed to more of a breakfast side dish, which was good. It also really complemented the ham, turkey and white cheddar cheese that made up the sandwich.

Although the High Five was my clear favorite, the others were also excellent. (The only sandwich I didn’t love was the Southern Melt because the pimento cheese was too spicy for me. If you like spicy, you should definitely try it.)

My mom and I had agreed to share a quarter of the Shipyard Tuna Melt ($7.75), because we are not huge tuna people. That plan went south when she accidentally ate the whole thing. I assure you my mom can usually contain herself at the table, but these sandwiches are off the hook. The only thing that stopped me from scarfing down a whole section was that I was already stuffed with all of the other delicious sandwiches.

Check out Newfangled Kitchen for great food and service. If Mrs. Dennison had run the cafeteria at my elementary school, I never would have left.