Keep kids busy with this easy paper project.

If your calendar has room for one more holiday, consider celebrating Make Cut-out Snowflakes Day. It’s an inexpensive way to keep kids busy during winter break, and it could help their fine motor skills.

The day is officially observed Dec. 27, but there’s nothing to prevent you from celebrating earlier or later.

Make sure you have good scissors and plenty of paper on hand. It may help to go online first and check out paper snowflake tutorials, such as, and

Once the kids have made their snowflakes, decorate your home by taping them to your front window, hanging them from ceiling or using them to make a garland. 

Don’t forget the ideal Snowflakes Day snack: hot cocoa. Want to really wow your young crafters? Create a hot chocolate bar. Set out candy canes, whipped cream, sprinkles or other treats that pair well with hot chocolate and let the kids create their own drink.