Fuss-Free Dining

WHO: The Fife family

WHERE: Lindey's Restaurant & Bar

WHEN: Jan. 15, 2018

THE BACKSTORY: Lindey's in German Village graciously allowed us to set up a lunchtime photo shoot with Executive Chef Brett Fife. Who better to illustrate a story about eating out with kids than a chef who has four of his own? Brett and his wife, Erin, are the parents of Olivia, 13; Rachel, 12; Lauren, 9; and Everett, 3.

Erin said the family doesn't eat out a lot—maybe a couple times a month. But when they do, they come prepared. “We always bring a couple cars or something to keep [Everett] busy. We try not to do the whole iPhone, iPad thing,” said Brett, who's been Lindey's executive chef for nearly eight years. “We also try to watch what time we're going to go out.” And since Everett is a picky eater, Brett said, “We always bring backup snacks.”

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