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Columbus College of Art & Design: College Preview

Ages served: grades 10-12

Dates/times: 7/8-7/28; full day (6+ hours)

Description: If you're considering a future in art or design, College Preview will make your decision clear and earn you three college credits. Programs are taught by CCAD faculty. Live in a residence hall and experience campus just like a full-time student.

Cost: $3,450; some optional off-campus excursions are extra. Portfolio- and need-based scholarships are available.

Camp location: Columbus College of Art & Design, 60 Cleveland Ave., Columbus

For more information: Jordan Smith,, 614-222-3236,



Girlz Rhythm n' Rock Camp: Girlz Rhythm n' Rock Camp

Ages served: 9-16

Dates/times: 7/23-8/4; full day (6+ hours)

Description: We have workshops on songwriting, drumming, vocal techniques, performance, instrument lessons and more. Campers will write songs and learn to perform them as a band, concluding the week with a show and potluck.

Cost: $350; some partial scholarships are available

Camp location: Hoover YMCA, 1570 Rohr Road, Lockbourne

For more information:Suzie Simpson,, 614-579-7897,

Otterbein University: Summer Music Experience

Ages served: 14-17

Dates/times: 6/4-6/9; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Be surrounded by other students who share a passion and energy for music. Students will develop new insights into themselves as a musician and a performer, build confidence and challenge themselves in a week of intensive, real-world music study. Day camp option is available.

Cost: $575

Camp location: Battelle Fine Arts Center, 170 W. Park St., Westerville

For more information: Nick Ross,, 614-823-1508



Swift Nature Camp: Swift Nature Camp

Ages served: 6-17

Dates/times: 6/1-8/10; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Swift Nature Camp is an overnight nature camp for boys and girls. The focus is to blend traditional summer camp activities while increasing a child's appreciation for nature, science and the environment.

Cost: $600 per week

Camp location: Swift Nature Camp, W7471 Ernie Swift Road, Minong, Wisconsin

For more, 630-654-8036,


The Wilds: WildeCamp

Ages served: 8-18

Dates/times: 6/7-8/2; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Campers stay overnight in Mongolian-style yurts while participating in canoeing, unique animal encounters and science. Have an unforgettable experience at The Wilds.

Cost: $200 to $850, based on specific camp

Camp location: The Wilds, 14000 International Road, Cumberland

For more information:, 740-638-5030, ext. 2286,

Extended info:

Summer camp has never been so fun!


Ages 8-9

This experience is perfect for first-time campers who want to try everything WildeCamp has to offer, but prefer a shorter, two-night stay.

Session: June 7-9, July-5-7


Ages 9-11

Campers will get a fantastic introduction to the residential camp experience during this four-night camp designed for kids who may not be ready for a full week.

Session: July 29 to Aug. 2


Ages 10-11

Here's a camp for those truly “wild” kids who like getting their hands into nature! Staff trained in wildlife science encourage learning and inspire a lifetime love for our world.

Sessions: June 10-16, July 15-21


Ages 12-15

Discover what it takes to be a conservation biologist at The Wilds! Campers will work side-by-side with Wilds scientists to explore different research methods and wildlife observation.

Session: June 17-23


Ages 12-15

Adventure Camp is a weeklong camp for those eager to explore parts of The Wilds few have ever seen! Campers will zip line, ride horseback and enjoy archery while also learning survival skills and experiencing tent camping in a quiet, secluded location.

Sessions: June 24-30, July 22-28


Ages 15-18

Learn about being a wildlife veterinarian, animal management specialist or wildlife habitat manager during this innovative, hands-on practicum experience with professional staff at The Wilds.

Session: July 8-14



Geneva Hills Group Inc.: Overnight Summer Camp 2018

Ages served: entering grades 2-4

Dates/times: 7/9-7/13; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Overnight camp helps kids experience nature, make new friends and learn new skills. We offer hiking, canoeing, crafts, STEM, science, swimming, water activities, games and more. We are ACA and CCCA accredited.

Cost: $350

Camp location: Geneva Hills, 1380 Blue Valley Road SE, Lancaster

For more information:Geneva Hills Group Inc.,, 740-746-8439,

Geneva Hills Group Inc.: Overnight Summer Camp 2018

Ages served: entering grades 5-8

Dates/times: 6/25-6/29; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Overnight camp helps kids experience nature, make new friends and learn new skills. We offer hiking, canoeing, crafts, STEM, science, swimming, water activities, games and more. We are ACA and CCCA accredited.

Cost: $350

Camp location: Geneva Hills, 1380 Blue Valley Road SE, Lancaster

For more information:Geneva Hills Group Inc.,, 740-746-8439,

Marmon Valley Farm: Marmon Valley Ministries

Ages served: 7-17

Dates/times: 6/10-8/18; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Marmon Valley Ministries is a Christ-centered horse camp for boys and girls. Our residential camps give young people the opportunity to improve their riding skills and try adventurous activities like archery, vaulting and rock climbing.

Cost: $445 to $715

Camp location: Marmon Valley Ministries, 7754 State Route 292 S., Zanesfield

For more, 937-593-8000,


Special Needs

Central Ohio Diabetes Association: Camp Hamwi

Ages served: 7-17

Dates/times: 7/22-8/4; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Camp Hamwi offers a life-changing experience for every child living with diabetes. Activities include swimming, archery and games. Meals are designed and prepared by RDs, with medical support provided by MDs and RNs.

Cost: $200

Camp location: Camp Mohaven, 18744 Turkey Ridge Road, Danville

For more information:Darlene Honigford,, 614-884-4400,

Flying Horse Farms: Flying Horse Farms

Ages served: 7-15

Dates/times: 4/13-11/4; full day (6+ hours)

Description: The children who attend camp have illnesses including cancer, heart conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, blood disorders, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and craniofacial anomalies.

Cost: Free

Camp location: Flying Horse Farms, 5260 State Route 95, Mount Gilead

For more information:Flying Horse Farms, 419-751-7077,

Nuhop: Camp Nuhop

Ages served: 6-18

Dates/times: 6/10-7/27; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Nuhop is for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, Asperger's syndrome (ASD) and behavioral nuances. Our mission is to provide a nurturing, dynamic learning environment where people are empowered to succeed.

Cost: $850 per week Traditional, Exploration and Leadership Camp; $950 per week Crusoe Camp: $1,000 per week Lake Erie, Aqua, Expedition, Science, Western, Art, Sports, Caves & Climbing, and Bike Camp

Camp location: Camp Nuhop, 1077 Township Road 2916, Perrysville

For more information:Laura Nickel,, 419-938-7151,

Recreation Unlimited Foundation: Recreation Unlimited

Ages served: 8-80

Dates/times: 6/18-8/10; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Summer residential camps are for youth and adults with disabilities and health concerns. There are two weeklong camps for youth, one weeklong camp for youth and young adults, and five weeklong camps for adults. Camps run Monday through Friday.

Cost: $820; Recreation Unlimited is a Medicaid Waiver provider. Scholarships are available.

Camp location: Recreation Unlimited, 7700 Piper Road, Ashley

For more information:Michelle Higgins,, 740-548-7006,



Otterbein University: Nike Boys Lacrosse Camp

Ages served: 10-14

Dates/times: 7/15-7/18; full day (6+ hours)

Description: This is an opportunity to receive individual and small group instruction from college coaches and players. Campers stay in air-conditioned dorms. Day camp also is available.

Cost: $495 overnight, $395 day camp

Camp location: 1 S. Grove St., Westerville

For more information: Colin Hartnett,, 614-823-3543,

Otterbein University: Youth Soccer Camp

Ages served: 15-19

Dates/times: 7/13-7/15; full day (6+ hours)

Description: The emphasis will be on developing the players technically and tactically within the team. Players will learn systems of play and also about all four areas of the game (offensive and defensive organization and transition to offense and defense). Day camp is also available.

Cost: $250 overnight, $175 day camp

Camp location: Otterbein University, 180 N. Center St., Westerville

For more information:Jason Griffiths,, 614-823-3524,

Wright Camps Ltd.: Day and Overnight Volleyball Camps

Ages served: 9-16

Dates/times: 7/9-7/11; full day (6+ hours)

Description: This is an overnight volleyball camp experience to fit girls of all skill levels. Otterbein University provides coaches for athletes to improve skills and learn the game. Campers stay in newly renovated dorms. Day camp is also available.

Cost: $335 overnight, $260 day camp

Camp location: Otterbein University, 180 Center St., Westerville

For more information:, 614-823-3534,



Be Wise Camp: Be Wise Camp

Ages served: entering grades 7-8

Dates/times: 6/10-6/15; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Be Wise Camp is designed to develop girls' interest, excitement and self-confidence in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). The camp provides real-life, hands-on experiences and critical thinking/problem solving.

Cost: $525; scholarships are available

Camp location: Denison University, 100 W. College St., Granville

For more information:Becky Bringardner,, 614-327-6224,

Boy Scouts of America Simon Kenton Council: STEM Camp

Ages served: 7-11

Dates/times: 7/5-7/8 (grades 2-3), 7/9-7/12 (grades 4-5); full day (6+ hours)

Description: STEM Camp at Camp Lazarus gives Scouts the opportunity to learn new ideas, collaborate and explore through hands-on activities.

Cost: $170 youth, $110 adult early bird; $190 youth, $110 adult full rate

Camp location: Camp Lazarus, 4422 Columbus Pike, Delaware

For more information:Cassie Ferguson,, 614-310-1336,

College of Wooster: B-WISER

Ages served: 12-14

Dates/times: 6/10-6/15; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Experiments and active research help students learn more about chemistry, physics, Lego robotics, geology and biology. Prominent scientists share their enthusiasm for science in areas such as engineering, neuroscience, boomerangs, physics and chemistry. The program is for rising eighth-grade girls. Campers stay in the college's dorms.

Cost: $495

Camp location: College of Wooster, 1189 Beall Ave., Wooster

For more information:Mary Kilpatrick,, 330-263-2101,

Ohio Attorney General's Science School: STEAM-powered Super Sleuths Summer Camp

Ages served: 8-9

Dates/times: 6/11-6/15; full day (6+ hours)

Description: During this weeklong camp, students will solve two crimes through completing tasks that require them to apply their core knowledge through solving relevant challenges and activities, all the while developing perseverance and tenacity.

Cost: $250

Camp location: The Point at Otterbein University, 60 Collegeview Road, Westerville

For more information: Jenny Hill,, 614-823-1284

Ohio Supercomputer Center: Summer Institute

Ages served: 13-17

Dates/times: 6/10-6/22; full day (6+ hours)

Description: SI is a two-week residential program that gives gifted high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year project-based, hands-on learning. Working in small peer teams, the students use supercomputers for practical applications.

Cost: $1,100

Camp location: Ohio Supercomputer Center, 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus

For more information: Elizabeth Stong,, 614-688-8300,

Ohio Supercomputer Center: Young Women's Summer Institute

Ages served: 10-13

Dates/times: 7/15-7/21; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Young Women's Summer Institute is a weeklong program sponsored by the Ohio Supercomputer Center for middle-school girls. It is designed to promote computer, math, science and engineering skills as well as provide hands-on experiences.

Cost: $750

Camp location: Ohio Supercomputer Center, 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus

For more information: Elizabeth Stong,, 614-688-8300,




Falcon Camp: Falcon Camp

Ages served: 6-16

Dates/times: 6/17-8/11; full day (6+ hours)

Description: Falcon Camp offers a lakefront setting with an extensive range of activities. Boys and girls choose their own schedule within a general framework. Activities include riding, sailing, swimming, riflery, crafts, tennis, drama, archery and more. We are ACA accredited. Sessions run from one to eight weeks.

Cost: $1,200 to $7,550, varies per session

Camp location: Falcon Camp, 4251 Delta Road SW, Carrollton

For more information: Dave Devey,, 330-627-4269,

Extended info:

Widely recognized throughout the Midwest as Ohio's premier summer camp since 1959, Falcon Camp offers a beautiful lakefront setting, a talented experienced staff and an extensive variety of activities. “Fun for Now, Skills for Life” is not just a catchy logo phrase but truly defines what Falcon is about. Designed for boys and girls ages 6-16 in two-, four-, six- or eight-week sessions, campers choose their own schedule within a general framework and daily activities are separate with planned co-ed events. Riding, sailing, swimming, riflery, crafts, tennis, drama, archery and so many more activities are offered. Instruction from beginner to advanced is offered in each activity.

Falcon has a strong reputation for making sure a camper's first overnight experience is very positive. The noncompetitive environment is inviting to campers who may be hesitant to try something they have never done before, while an awards system challenges the most experienced campers. The 1:4 staff/camper ratio allows individual instruction and attention. Most of all it's great fun! Falcon also has a special one-week Young Adventure intro program for campers ages 6-10. We are ACA accredited and have many references available with campers from all over the United States and the world.

Falcon is an outstanding opportunity for fun and learning. A summer at Falcon is a special experience where good things happen by design. Visit the website,, call 800-837-CAMP or email for more information.

Gateway Region YMCA: YMCA Camp Lakewood

Ages served: 6-17

Dates/times: 6/3-8/8; full day (6+ hours)

Description: YMCA Camp Lakewood is a co-ed summer overnight camp for kids that gets them outdoors while making new friends and learning new skills.

Cost: $370 to $1,020

Camp location: YMCA Camp Lakewood, 13528 State Highway AA, Potosi, Missouri

For more information:Holly Shoults,, 573-438-2155,

Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland Council: Camp Molly Lauman

Ages served: 5-18

Dates/times: 6/13-8/8; full day (6+ hours)

Description: At Molly Lauman, there is something for everyone, with days packed with adventures on horseback, climbing on our swimming pool rock wall, making friends and shooting archery just like Katniss. And, of course, there are s'mores and singing around the campfire.

Cost: $200 for a mini-session (three days) to $435 for an adventure program or a two-week program

Camp location: Camp Molly Lauman, 9130 Big Bear Creek Road, Lucasville

For more information: Erin Feinour, 401-489-6141,