Second-graders dish in honor of Father's Day.

With Father's Day upon us, I visited my son's second-grade class at Tyler Run Elementary School in Powell to talk about dads so I could share their musings with you.

The kids were super sweet (they all love their fathers a lot). They found a lot of commonalities (sports and naps are good, not listening to Dad is bad). But the zingers are the most fun, so we'll focus on those. I hope you get as big a kick out of reading them as I did hearing them firsthand.

Here's to you, Dads.

Happy Father's Day!

What makes your dad happy?

“Fishing.” –Isla “Eating.” –Connor “Spending time with me.” –Jackson “Watching the Buckeyes win.” –Nick “Brownies.” –Cooper W. “Wrestling with my dog.” –Mary “Peace and quiet.” –Audrey

What makes your dad upset?

“When one of his favorite sports teams are in a really important moment and they lose.” –Cooper W. “When he saw me get braces. Because he hates spending money.” –Mary

What does your dad do at work all day?

“He has a 3D printer in his office.” –Aarav “My dad works to make inventions—not making them, sending important emails about them. Also, if someone breaks into a website, they stop them from doing that. And whenever he's on a work trip, he brings me something.” –Kate “My dad sits around and finishes a to-do list that has a million kajillion things. It's long. I've seen it!” –Gabby

Why does your mom love your dad?

“Because he plays with her hair perfectly.” –Maria “Because they married each other.” –Max

What is your dad's favorite thing to do?

“Have daddy-daughter dates with me. Or take naps.” –Maria “Eat spaghetti and noodles.” –Gabby “I don't know, but I'm taking a guess: me jumping on him.” –Cooper T.

How does your dad show you he loves you?

“By wrestling me.” –Tyler “He sleeps with me five extra minutes until I fall asleep. But sometimes I fake sleep, then I get up and read.” –Maria

Who is your dad's hero?

“LeBron James and Tom Brady.” –Vachan “Iron Man.” –Connor “My fat, chubby dog.” –Mary “Larry Bird. He played in the 1990s and 1980s and 1970s. He was a really good basketball player.” –Cooper W. “It's a singer. It's Bruce something.” –Gabby “Mommy.” –Aarav “He hasn't told me about his life.” –Max

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