Skip the stores and make your own vacation keepsakes.

If you’re trying to stick to a budget for your summer vacation, consider helping your children make souvenirs rather than buying something while away. With a little planning, you can save money and have a fun activity during your family’s summer travel. Chances are the homemade item will be even more meaningful to your child than a purchased T-shirt or toy.

Here are some easy souvenir crafts:

Photo frame – Purchase an unfinished wood frame from a craft store and let your child paint it or glue on items—such as seashells, pretty rocks or twigs—found on the trip. Or, have them make a collage out of maps and tour books and slide it into a clear plastic frame. Memory jar – Allow your child to collect sand, seashells or other mementos and arrange them in a mason jar they can display in their room. Make a label stating where and when the items were found. Memory box – Give them a box with a lid to decorate and fill with items collected during the trip. T-shirt – Buy inexpensive white T-shirts and a box of fabric markers and let them create their own vacation design. Magnets – Glue magnets onto foreign coins, shells, rocks or other interesting vacation finds. Hang them on the fridge or in their school locker.