One of life’s most humiliating experiences is having your credit card declined. The first time it happened was years ago when we were in Sedona, Arizona and tried to buy a bronze sculpture. We were told the reason it was declined was because the card company was afraid the card was stolen since we were not in Ohio and did not usually make such expensive purchases. It was nice they were looking out for us.

The second time it happened was when I tried to buy gasoline in South Carolina and could not remember my new ZIP code which is a necessity these days. I ended up having to go inside and pay with cash. I quickly memorized my ZIP code after that.

Most recently we were in Walmart. Thankfully there was not a line behind us and we were purchasing less than $20 worth of goods. Once again, cash came to the rescue. We called our credit card company as soon as we were in the parking lot.

This was a new card that we had been using for only a few weeks. It came from our new bank. We were told we had not paid our bill and since it was overdue they had cut it off until we paid. Somehow in all the hullabaloo of getting settled in our little log house it had not occurred to me we had not received a bill.

That’s what I told the person on the phone — that we always pay our bill in full as soon as we get it and we had not ever received a bill from them. It seemed we owed well over $2,000 at this point. The decision was made that the credit card company could transfer money from our checking account to pay the bill and our card would be usable the next day.

We made an appointment at our bank when we got home to get this straightened out. It was determined we had not received a bill because the card company had been given the wrong address by the bank. They had transposed 190 to 109. The customer service gal at our bank was very sweet and handled the situation. She even got them to refund the $25 overdue charge since it was their fault.

The strange thing is that the original credit cards had been sent to the wrong address but they ended up in our mail box, so why could the bill not have arrived, too? It is just one of those mysteries of life.

I suppose if we did all of our banking and keeping track of our credit card, etc. online I would have discovered the problem a long time ago — but we don’t.

Speaking of doing things online, we ate at a Taco Bell recently. They had a deal where, if you filled out a survey on your phone while you were eating there, you would get a free dessert. That is just another place where we are discriminated against for being low tech and having dumb phones.

On the home front, the deer are winning when it comes to our plants. Lately they have been nibbling at an azalea bush that is closest to the woods.

Instead of looking out each morning to see what’s blooming, we are checking to see what has been eaten. So far they have destroyed two hosta, four phlox, all of the buds from the day lilies, and the flowering parts of four rudbeckia. They also have eaten a good bit of the struggling wildflowers that don’t really get enough sunshine anyhow. That is almost the entire extent of our new flower beds.

I hate to sound optimistic but they have left our five ferns alone — so far.