You don't need a green thumb to create this cute craft.

A third of the summer may already be over, but succulents are plants that last all year long! And, even if you lack a green thumb, paper succulents can last forever. This family craft is easy to personalize and looks great on a windowsill or desk.


Cardstock-weight paper in green and at least one other color Tacky or hot glue Tape (optional) Yellow or orange acrylic paint Tissue paper Pencil Scissors


1. Draw an oval, approximately 6 inches long, on a piece of green cardstock.

2. Lay another piece of green cardstock underneath it and cut ovals from both pieces.

3. On one oval, cut a straight 2-inch line down the middle, starting at the top.

4. On the second oval, repeat the cut but start from the bottom.

5. Slide one oval into the other along the slits to create a 3D shape.

6. Cut a 3-inch-wide strip from a piece of colorful cardstock.

7. Roll the strip into a circle and glue or tape the ends together. This will be the “planter.”

8. Slide the 3D succulent into the planter. Use glue, tape or tissue paper stuffing to keep the succulent standing up straight. Alternatively, you can use an actual ceramic planter, pot or recycled container and fill it with rocks.

9. Use yellow or orange acrylic paint to add decorative triangles, dots or stripes to the succulent.

10. Cut 1-inch squares from tissue paper and ball them up or cut fringe, then add the tissue to the succulents for decoration. Hold them in place with a dot of tacky or hot glue.

11. If you're so inclined, try making a branched cactus. Draw and cut out the main shape, then trace and cut out just a “trunk” portion. Make 2-inch slits in the top of the branched cactus and the bottom of the trunk, then fit the pieces together.

12. Set your succulent out and never worry about watering it!


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