Kids can craft their own spring flower garden.

Celebrate the return of spring with this decorative paper tulip project. Each member of the family can make one, or a set, and you can display them together as a field of flowers in your home. 


Cardstock in blue, green and at least one to four other colors Scissors Glue Pencil


Draw a tulip shape, approximately 2 inches in diameter. Cut it out and use it as a template. You will need four tulip shapes for each flower. Leave one shape flat and fold the other three in half lengthwise. Add glue along the fold of each tulip and place them one on top of the other. “Fluff” the tulip petals so that they open into a 3D shape. Cut a strip of green for a stem as well as leaf shapes for each tulip. If desired, fold the ends of the leaves up so they will stand out from the background. Glue the tulips, stems and leaves to the blue piece of cardstock. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, cut a wider strip of green cardstock and use scissors to create “fringe.” Paste it to the bottom of the blue cardstock to form grass. Enjoy your new tulip garden!


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