From arts to traditional, we have 312 day, residential camp listings in 12 categories.

Summer camp is a rite of passage for many children, as well as an annual tradition in some families.

Camp can keep active kids busy while school's out, help them learn new skills and provide much-needed structure to the summer months while parents are at work.

Central Ohio has an amazing array of offerings to match a wide variety of interests—and budgets. But where to begin the search? Columbus Parent is here to help with our annual Summer Camp Guide, which this year has 312 listings from all corners of our region and beyond.

Listings are divided into Day Camps and Residential Camps, then organized alphabetically in 12 categories: Art; Dance & Drama; Educational Enrichment; Equestrian; Multiple Category; Music; Nature/Outdoors; Religious; Special Needs; Sports; STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics); and Traditional.

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Day Camps: Art Day Camps: Dance & Drama Day Camps: Educational Enrichment Day Camps: Equestrian Day Camps: Multiple Category Day Camps: Music Day Camps: Nature/Outdoors Day Camps: Religious Day Camps: Special Needs Day Camps: Sports Day Camps: STEM Day Camps: Traditional Residential Camps