This multicolored craft is an adorable decoration as well as a keepsake.

Handprint crafts have the extra bonus of recording the size of your child’s hand at a moment in time. They are my favorite keepsake craft for this reason, and with careful preservation, this is one that you can bring out every summer. 


Washable tempera or acrylic paint White paper (A regular 8½-by-11 sheet will work for a small windsock. Use posterboard or paper from a roll for a larger project.) Crepe paper or ribbon in various colors String Clear tape  Paintbrush


Paint each palm of your child’s hand a different color. Have them “stamp” their hand on the white paper. Let dry.  Cut strips of various colored crepe paper or ribbon 12 to 18 inches in length.  Flip over the handprinted paper. Tape the strips along the bottom length of the paper.  Roll the white paper into a tube shape and tape it closed.  Tape string to the inside of the tube at the top for a hanger.  Hang your windsock outside under a covered area like a porch and enjoy the summer breeze!