Four parents write about how life has changed amid the pandemic and what they've learned about themselves and their kids.

There’s no doubt that life has been radically altered since the coronavirus pandemic took hold in Ohio in March. Perhaps no one has felt the change more than parents, who were suddenly thrust into new jobs as teachers, day care providers and 24/7 boredom solvers—many of them while juggling the newfound challenges of working from home full time.

We asked four Central Ohio writers to tell us how their families’ lives have changed in the past few months, and what they’ve learned about parenting and their children. While there are common struggles for sure, there are also silver linings, such as the chance to spend more time together, to savor the little moments and to slow down and not constantly rush from one activity to the next.

Hopefully your family is finding the bright spots, too.

Parenting During the Coronavirus: Savoring the Sunset Parenting During the Coronavirus: An Uneasy New Normal Parenting During the Coronavirus: Building Independence Parenting During the Coronavirus: New Stresses and Silver Linings

This story is from the Summer 2020 issue of Columbus Parent.