This cute seasonal craft makes a great collaborative Thanksgiving decoration.

Autumn is here, and it’s the season for holidays, pumpkins, cool weather and warm feelings. It’s also the most popular time aof year for pie! Everyone has their favorite pie flavor, and this collaborative banner lets all members of the family have their pick. 

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Colored construction paper in various colors Cotton balls, glitter, pompoms or other small craft supplies that could serve as "toppings" String Pencil Glue Scissors Hole punch


Ask everyone in the family to list their top two or three favorite pies. Each person will create one slice of each of their top picks. To create the base for a slice, draw a triangle that is 6 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches on a piece of colored paper. Cut it out. Cut and glue different colors of paper on top of your crust to create the pie of your dreams. Get creative with toppings—cotton balls as whipped cream, white glitter as sugar, etc. Punch a hole in each corner of the pie slice. Weave a string through each slice and hang your project as a banner decoration for the fall season!