Thursday's Dog Obedience judging at the Wayne County Fair had 4-H members participating with their dogs through a series of courses.

Kayla Lawson received the showmanship champion, with Caleb Koczur and Elise Erickson taking home the obedience champion.


Intermediate — Micah Jarvis, Olivia Daley.

Junior Showmanship — Kayla Lawson, Tristen Williamson, Allison Moore, Allyson Snyder, Karissa Clark.

Beginner Showmanship — Calla Martin, Hayley Sleek, Kaden Lawson, Thomas Foster, Aaron Snyder.


Novice A — Thomas Foster.

Pre-Novice — Caleb Koczur, Elise Erickson, Micah Jarvis.

Beginner Novice-B — Kristina Ling, Deah Bresson, Allison Moore, Allyson Snyder, Karissa Clark, Kayla Lawson, Emry Thompson, Tristen Williamson.

Beginner Novice A — Calla Martin, Hannah Farnsworth, Mackenzie Hartzler, Kaden Lawson, Aaron Snyder.

Rally Novice B — Elise Erickson, Micah Jarvis, Caleb Koczur, Kayla Lawson, Emry Thompson, Allyson Snyder, Allison Moore, Deah Bresson.

Rally Novice A — Kaden Lawson, Aaron Snyder.