The bleachers were filled and it was standing room only as dairy farmers, their families, friends and fairgoers gathered in the show arena at the Canfield-Mahoning County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017 to watch the selection of the Supreme Grand Champion and the Supreme Junior Champion of the dairy show. Awarding the trophies and banners was Judge Phillip Topp of Botkins, who had judged all the dairy breed shows during the week. Each champion entered the ring, moved to the decorated center and posed beneath the flag of the United States, as they were introduced and information about each animal was read. The Junior Champions of each dairy breed entered first.

The Brown Swiss Junior Champion was Giesy Manor Bosephus Misty, a winter yearling owned by Bricker Farms, Salem, and presented by Lynsey Bricker. The Ayrshire Junior Champion was Lin-Kei Dazzle Amber, owned and shown by Keith Barto of Lin-Kei Farms. The Milking Shorthorn Junior Champion was Redien Acres Crumbles, a fall calf, shown by the Neider/Days Families, Carrollton, and owned and presented by Emmy Days. The Holstein Junior Champion was Lorawae Encore Taylor, a spring yearling, bred and owned by John Lora, Salem, and presented by Katey Lora. The Junior Champion Jersey was Marhaven Joel Raven, a fall calf, owned by Marhaven Jerseys and Duane Cole, Alliance and Burghill, and presented by Duane Cole. The Guernsey Junior Champion was Coulee Crest Bowman Latoya, a winter calf, shown by R-Way Farm, Southington, and presented by Amber Dietz.

The Supreme Junior Champion Award and banner went to the Jersey fall calf owned by Marhaven Jerseys and Duane Cole. Reserve Supreme Junior Champion was the Guernsey winter calf owned by R-Way Farms. Honorable mention went to the Brown Swiss winter yearling owned by Bricker Farms.

The Brown Swiss Grand Champion was Latimore Tanbark Tanzy ownd and shown by Zac and Steve Logan, Farmdale. The Milking Shorthorn Grand Champion was Honey Creek Big Girl EXP 2, a junior three year old, bred and owned by Howard Withers, and presented by Ruby Withers. The Holstein Grand Champion was Kiko Gold Chip Maddie 1189, a junior two year old, bred and owned by Kiko Family Farms, Salem, and presented by Rudy Kiko. The Grand Champion Jersey was Breezy Knoll JW Missy, an aged cow, bred and shown by Breezy Knoll Farms, Salem, and presented by Ann Cope. The Guernsey Grand Champion was Donnybrook Les Saturn, an aged cow, shown by Den Be Farm, Dennis, Betsy, Cassie and Nate Musser, Enon Valley, Pennsylvania and presented by Cassie Musser.

The Supreme Grand Champion Award and banner went to the Jersey aged cow owned by Breezy Knoll Farms. Reserve Supreme Grand Champion was the Holstein junior two year old owned by Kiko Family Farms. Honorable Mention went to the Milking Shorthorn junior three year old owned by Honey Creek Farm, Howard Withers and Family, Petersbur.