The saga of no running water at our house "Part Two." 

I discovered we had no water on a Thursday night and called our new insurance the next morning. Girlfriend said they couldn’t help, they only cover leaks. I told them our current problem was caused by the plumber they sent us last year, who removed and bypassed our pressure tank when he fixed a burst pipe. 

He said we didn’t need it. We’ve learned since then that that is not true. Not having a pressure tank will eventually kill the pump in the well, which is exactly what I thought happened. She said she’d have the plumber call me directly. 

I know from experience that replacing the pump costs at least $1,000. So I worked on securing that before I even called the well man. My IRA guy said they’d send the check out that day, Friday afternoon. 

It must have missed that day’s mail, though, because we were still waiting for the check. But since I knew it was coming, I called the well guy the next day. Being a Saturday, I got a recording — "If you don’t have any water and this is an emergency, hang up and dial …"

Well, we didn’t have any water but it wasn’t an emergency. We were doing fine at the camper — Dave, me, Our Beagle Boy Cletus and even our camper guest Auntie Gramma Sandi. 

Besides, we were looking at enough of a bill coming up without paying extra charges for an emergency visit. 

It was very relaxing on Sunday at the camper, not packing up and rolling out first thing in the morning. We had brought provisions enough to stay there all week if necessary, which took about 20 minutes to gather up at the house and about two hours to put away at the camper.

I went to work Monday straight from the campground and got a call about 8 a.m. from the well man. He said they were pretty busy but could work us in. I wasn’t in a big hurry, I had just gotten to work. And I needed at least an hour lead time so I could pick up Dave and Cletus and be at the house. I figured that wouldn’t happen until after noon at least. 

Nope. Wrong again. The well guy called at 10 o’clock and said he’d be there by 11. Dave, Cletus and I pulled in our driveway at 11:03 and the truck was already there. 

The well man said he needed to go in the house to check the pressure tank. We don’t have one. He asked if we had a submersible pump in our well. Yes, but we don’t have a pressure tank. He said we had to have one. 

The plumber took it out last year. He said we didn’t need it and bypassed it and now it killed the pump. 

The well man did a couple things, turned on the faucet in the kitchen and water came out. Awesome! How did you do that? He said it wasn’t the pump. I was wrong again. 

But if we didn’t put in a new pressure tank right now it would be the pump. And so he did. Dave and I and Mr. Cletus busied ourselves outside to stay out of the well man’s way. I thought about what we were going to do with the extra money, since the IRA check was for $1,200 and a new pressure tank is only $600, which I said I could give him on Thursday. 

Surely the check would arrive by then. And even if it didn’t, my paycheck is always deposited on Thursday, sometimes even on Wednesday evenings. 

I also thought about turning on the computer and getting something work-related done from home since I’d only been in the office for two hours. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I was way too wound up. 

Especially when the well man came outside and said the pressure tank was done. I said, "Woohoo!" But it was a short-lived one. We heard a buzzing noise come from the well, which he said could be a bad thing.

Then the real panic set in on my part. There’s not going to be extra money. It’s already $600 for the pressure tank, and now if the pump’s bad, too, then it will be another $1,000 and we’ll be $400 short. 

Dave had suggested I have another beer and calm down, which I declined because we still didn’t have a functioning toilet, but changed my mind quickly. 

The well man (with a little help from Dave) hauled about 60 feet of whatever out of the well. After close inspection, it was determined that two wires had shorted out, at a cost of $125 to fix. 

OK, we can live with $725. Fortunately, I was wrong again, it wasn’t the pump. 

When the well man was done, Dave and I debated what to do. All our stuff was at the camper, we should have loaded it up and taken it home, but I was kind of disappointed that we weren’t going to live at the camper for a week. 

So, we loaded Cletus in the Jeep and went back to the camper for our fourth day in a row. Evidently, that was too much for poor Mr. Cletus. We had friends over later that afternoon and he literally went to bed. He’s usually right in the mix of things when people come over, but not that day. 

When I got home from work the next day, we packed up and went back to the house. Dave checked the mailbox religiously every day, waiting for that check. No check came and we were supposed to pay on Thursday. 

That’s OK, my paycheck always comes on Thursday, which it did, but not until late afternoon, so I had something good to stress about all morning. We cashed my check, but that’s nowhere near enough to pay the well man. 

So, we drove up there and gave them what we could with a promise to be back as soon as possible. That gave me something to stress about all the next day until the mail came and Dave finally said the magic words — "the check came." 

I’m still waiting on that plumber to call me back.