Michael R and Tammie S Crissman, to Allison M Tucker, 833 Circlewood Dr, $229,000

Brian K Kanuer, to Matthew J Mikoch, 1229 Garfield Rd, E, $73,000

Forest Ridge of Aurora LLC, to Ryan Homes, 145 Lakeland Way,$85,000

Marion Helmick Trust, to Eddie D Hutchins, 669 Sherwood Dr, $200,000

Ricardo and Kathy Teamor, to Gregg W and William R Unverferth, 410-29 Willow Cir, $160,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to Timothy B Swanda and Carolynne K Sendry, 200 Hanes Rd, $400,000

Forest Ridge of Aurora LLC, to Nvr Inc, 935 Warbler Way, $85,000




Jennifer L Zisk, to Brenda L Grills, 4197 Chapman Dr, $205,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to Kayli Bookman, 1367 Old Forge Rd, $106,500

Cranberry Farm LLC, to Nvr Inc, 6770 Snowville Rd, W, $38,000




Matt A and Denise R Clupper, to Dillon Foster, 6573 Beaver Rd, $70,000

Strausser Family Trust, to Ryan A and Katherine M Pahls, 6149 Newton Falls Rd, $50,000




Grant J and Sherry Spaite, to Andrei V and Jessica Turchyn, 6248 Saint Andrews Way, $240,000


Franklin Township


Daniel R Lucas, to Bcb Properties Llp, Brady Lake Rd, $86,500

John Quayle-Zimmer, to Bcb Properties Llp, 7680 Clio St, $129,000

James D and Kathleen D Hogan, to Ronald J and Myra S Dietrick, 7697 Lake Blvd, W, $335,000




Herry Cumberledge, to Matthew L and Theresa D Cumberledge, 6889 Streeter Rd, $100,000




Amy L Alderman, to Michael A and Adrienne M Candiotti, 8209 Clover Ln, $214,000

Matthew J and Beverly Brookover, to Dennis Reedy, 10328 Liberty St, $142,200




John R Lohman, to John Martin, 1060 Davey Ave, $124,000

David F Tregoning, to Kevin Karpinecz, 1069 Gardenview St, $115,900

David L and Rebecca J Caplinger, to David E Cleavenger, 557 Valleyview Dr, $123,900


Mantua Township


Zelma Taylor, to Norman O Weber, 11677 Diagonal Rd,$77,000

Amy K Sayre, to Lonna Safko, 11056 State Route 44, $100,000


Mantua Village


Laura Maschek, to Jeffrey P and Sherese Powers, 4747 Prospect St, E, $144,900




Ellison Family Trust, to Urle M and Barbara A Byler, Knowlton, $80,000




Daniel J and Michele A Davis, to Daniel and Lorette Luli, $100,000




Patricia M Postlethwaite, to Ronald and Diane Dubinsky, 406 Crestwood Dr, $126,000

Deutche Bk Nat 2006-he4, to Joshua A Hillier, 431 Meridian St, S, $50,000

Evelyn P and Evelyn A Polichene, to Michael C and Christy L Reeves, 410 Oakgrove St, 06/?05/?2018, $135,000

Sheriff of Portage County, to Prime Properties, 440 Freedom St, S, $55,600

Sheriff of Portage County, to Lsf10 Master Participation Trust, 226 Jefferson St, $50,000


Ravenna Township


Linda L Huggins, to Amanda M Gilli, 4911 Hayes Rd, $38,700




Coffey Neille G, to Brianna Hewitt, 4816 New Milford Rd, $40,000




Hometown Bk, to Lonnie M Herr, 9228 Coit Rd, $64,900


Vvs LLC, to Phat Group LLC, 10235 Wentworth St, $116,000




Keith R and Elisa L Holmes, to James A and Samantha D Olson, 1728 Hannum Dr, $300,000

Ronald A and Denise J Konik, to Daniel W and Shauna D Kittle, 9740 Michael Dr, $156,000

Bank of Ny Mellon Corp, to Sereena Creamer, 10154 Ridgeview Ct, $200,000

Robert E and Maureen N Schuman, to Ronald R and Cynthia Miller, 1935 Summers Ave, $153,000

Lmv Properties LLC, to Raymond Caton, 9521 Tower Dr, $152,000




Chalker Investments LLC, to Taylor Bowers and Evan Uhalley, 601 Congress Lake Rd, $125,000

Young Paul & D Res Trust, to Jerimie Mckinley, 2239 Trares Rd, $220,000




Justin J and Jennifer A Mitchell, to Zachrey Richards and Brooke M Riley-Richards, 9511 Community Rd, $115,100

Christina L and Jason Lamtman, to Robert R Perry, 9870 Short Dr, $81,500

Steven M and Annette Katz, to Kevin A Stier, 9088 Wilverne Dr, $82,000