Explore ideas and resources for National Craft Month.

The lingering chilly weather is an ideal reason for your family to celebrate National Craft Month. The monthlong observance, held each March, offers an inexpensive opportunity for some family bonding. Making a craft also helps children learn to follow directions, develop fine motor skills and solve problems, according to Highlights magazine. 

Even parents who don’t consider themselves crafty can find lots of great ideas online. One go-to site is PBS’s Crafts for Kids. If you’re interesting in crafting as a service project, check out DIY & Crafts. 

The Columbus Parent website also has loads of ideas, courtesy of our “Hands On” project from Wholly Craft. Click this link or type “Hands On” in the search box. Find the Recycled Fairy House in the photo here.

There’s no shortage of ideas once you start searching!