Keep tabs on assignments and grades and maintain open communication.

Have you ever asked your child to turn off their device only to hear that they are checking their homework assignments? The task may be one you want to consider yourself. Many Central Ohio schools offer parents online access to their children’s assignments and grades, via Canvas and similar programs. Most are designed to facilitate easy communication with teachers as well. Districts typically offer sign-up information at the start of the school year, but not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity.

Armed with the details of students’ schoolwork, adults can initiate a variety of conversations. Not only can it help with dinner-table discussions, but it also allows you to get a sense of what assignments appeal to your child and what they struggle with. PBS Parents offers these tips on how to support your student.

Also, Education Corner, a curated site of school-related news, has a list of “Top 10 Things Parents Can Do to Help Kids Get the Best Education.”