Create pretty posies in six simple steps.

Spring is finally here! Let the real flowers enjoy the sunshine outside, and decorate your home with paper flowers made together.


One sheet of purple paper One sheet of green paper One small dowel or wooden skewer Scissors Craft glue Pipe cleaner (optional)


1. Cut the purple paper in half lengthwise.

2. Fold one of the half sheets in half lengthwise.

3. Cut thin strips starting at the fold toward the other edge, leaving about an inch uncut along the unfolded edge. Continue cutting down the length of the fold.

4. Wrap green paper around your dowel to create a stem. Use glue to secure it in place.

5. While keeping the purple paper folded, wrap it around the green dowel. Glue the uncut part of the paper to the dowel, while leaving the loops to make the paper flowers.

6. Cut out paper leaves and attach with a pipe cleaner, if desired.


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