BELMONT — Belmont Village Mayor Stan Sobel introduced Mike Grob, who has been chosen to be this year’s student non-voting council member, at council’s special meeting Oct. 14. Solicitor TJ Schultz swore in Grob. Mayor Sobel thanked him for applying again this year and also thanked those others who applied this year, and encouraged them to apply again next year.

Mayor Sobel said the police chief’s probationary period is up Oct. 23. Dan Scott made a motion to remove the probationary period and to appoint Andrew Miller as the Police Chief of Belmont, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. Mike Murphy made a motion to raise the police chief’s salary to $14.50 per hour beginning the Oct. 20 pay period, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. Mayor Sobel stated that Miller enjoys working here and he is now a resident of Belmont. Mayor Sobel said one day they will need to figure out a way to increase our police coverage some. The levy brings in $6,892 per year.

Mayor Sobel said the abatement of the asbestos in the old Belmont School is at a standstill. Mayor Sobel said the federal EPA made a ruling that they need to use a 400 point asbestos test. Mayor Sobel said the test that they did was a 1000 point test which is much more thorough. Mayor Sobel said the safety of our people is at stake, and we will not stop until our safety concern is addressed. Mike Murphy said there is a huge safety concern for our community. Mayor Sobel said they have it in writing from the stated, stating that we were allowed to use the 1000 point test. Mayor Sobel said they have to maintain what the law puts forth. Mayor Sobel said this isn’t over but it is going to slow us down.