Barnesville Village Council voted against a motion to hire new Village Solicitor Adam Myser at the meeting last Tuesday.

The motion set forth was to hire Myser on a two-year contract. 

The village’s longtime solicitor Marlin Harper, passed away suddenly on Oct. 3, which left the village without legal counsel. 

"He was not only our Solicitor but a dear friend to each of us and this community," said Village Administrator Roger Deal. 

Council expressed concerns with the selection process and that the Personnel Committee was not involved in the process. A disagreement then took place. 

Councilman Jamie Betts asked for the specific roles and responsibilities of the council committees.

After discussion, a vote was taken with only two councilmembers in favor of hiring Myser and four abstaining; the motion failed.

In other business, representatives from Barnesville Hospital, Mental Health & Recovery Board, and Crossroads to talk to council about the Bohandy Building. It will become an eight-bed detox program with 24/7 supervision. The facility is slated to open on May 1, 2020.

Council approved the uniform allowance with EMS suspension.

Meanwhile, Larry Taylor of Volunteer Energy presented to council a Civil Grant check for $3,322.54 for the gas aggregation. Taylor also talked about the renewal of the natural gas aggregation. He discussed the electrical aggregation program. If they wish to proceed, it will need to be on the March 17, 2020, ballot, with a filing deadline of Dec. 18, 2019. 

Deal reminded residents that the village still has leaf bags to hand out. Once filled, put the bags by the curb and they will be picked up as time allows. 

He informed council that the OPWC 2020 Paving project has been submitted. If approved, this will pave 18 streets next year. 

Deal said the village advertised for a street position and water distribution position. They have received a lot of good applicants.

Mayor Dale Bunting asked about the man hole covers. The village will have to address this issue. Mayor Bunting mentioned that there were a couple that were worse than others and they need to be repaired soon.